Company's CheckMate Casino Track software provides a full audit trail for the cash box

Redmond, Wash.-based Dynamic Systems Inc. has announced the release of CheckMate Casino Track software for tracking the cash box from gaming machines to cashier and providing a full audit trail.

Casinos are required by the federal government to maintain a complete audit trail of all currency transactions. In the case of cash boxes, this means recording the transfer of the boxes from the slot machines to the cashier, as well as who handled them at each point in the process (“chain of custody”). It is costly and cumbersome to record these transactions manually and reduces the reliability of the process due to human error.

Dynamic Systems transforms the process through the use of barcodes. A unique barcode is placed on each cash box and gaming machine. When the box is removed from a machine, the casino employee scans their badge to identify who is handling the cash, and then both the gaming machine’s barcode and the barcode on the cash box. The software records the transaction along with the date and time it occurred. Another scan occurs when the money from the cashbox is counted and processed and is recorded by the software, completing the transaction. At any time the casino manager can see which cashboxes have been removed but not yet counted.

CheckMate Casino Track software provides the audit trail required by federal regulations, has increased productivity of casino personnel and has given the finance department tighter control over the casino’s cash business.

“I would happily recommend your software to other casinos,” said Ken Fasnacht, finance director, Silver Reef Casinos in Ferndale, Wash.