Company says move will help lower barrier to entry

Scala, a digital signage solutions provider based in Pennsylvania, has announced six new initiatives aimed at lowering the cost of ownership for digital signage solutions and broadening the digital signage market.

Because of high upfront costs for both hardware and software required, some entry-level customers are unable to deploy digital signage networks even though they see the technology as beneficial.

Scala’s initiatives, announced at the Digital Signage Expo held in February in Las Vegas, help lower that barrier to entry by creating new entry-level products which significantly lower the total cost of ownership for those customers not requiring all of the more sophisticated functionality offered by current digital signage solutions on the market.

One of the initiatives is a hosted version of Scala Content Manager that provides an online digital signage network for a simple monthly fee. Other initiatives include, through recent partnerships with FrameMedia and FASTSIGNS, low-cost, entry-level digital signage options.

“These announcements send a clear message to our customers that regardless of their size or budget, there is a Scala digital signage solution that is priced right for them,” said Scala CEO Gerard Bucas.