Company to provide identification validation and technology support services

Ameristar Casinos, Inc. has signed a three-year contract with Veridocs for its identification validation and technology support services.

“The Veridocs solution was exactly what we had been looking for to assist Ameristar properties in identifying underage patrons and fraudulent identification documents,” said Dan Redding, vice president of security and surveillance for Ameristar Casinos Inc.

“At Ameristar, we take our social responsibility very seriously,” Redding added. “We want patrons to have fun and enjoy the entertainment we have to offer. However, we must ensure they are of age to gamble and drink. With millions of false identifications in circulation today, this is an intricate task. The Veridocs solution provides us with a simple and easy to use solution that authenticates the identification, letting us know right away if the document is legitimate and if our patrons are of age.”

“We are extremely proud that Ameristar has chosen to deploy our services in seven of their properties,” said Dennis Nelson, president and chief executive officer of Veridocs. “This is the first time a client has initially deployed our service solution in the area of security. Traditionally, our clients deploy our solutions in their cage and credit departments. This deployment demonstrates Ameristar's commitment to achieving the highest standards in corporate social responsibility and the versatility of the Veridocs solution.”