Will deploy approximately 1,200 cameras for surveillance of high-value areas at four casinos

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has deployed or plans to deploy approximately 1,200 IQeye HD megapixel cameras from IQinVision for surveillance of high-value areas at four of its casinos.

These areas include gaming floors and tables, cashier windows and cash counting rooms, entryways, main choke points and parking lots.

After an on-premise “shoot-out” between several camera manufacturers in 2007, the Choctaw Nation decided to begin deploying IQeye cameras. More than 1200 IQeye cameras will be installed in the McAlester, Grant, Stringtown and Durant casinos, all located in Oklahoma. Cameras include a mix of IQeye711s, Sentinels, and Alliance Domes. The combined Genetec, Pivot3, and IQeye security solution, to be installed at all four locations, represents one of the most cutting-edge casino solutions available today.

“Everybody is happy with it,” said Brett Green, integrations manager for the Choctaw Nation. “The high level of image detail aids us in combating slot ticket scammers and also in disproving slip and fall claims. It definitely has a deterrent effect on our staff; we’ve seen no inside jobs in terms of cheating.”

Pete DeAngelis, president and chief executive officer of San Juan Capistrano, Calif.-based IQinVision, noted that the Choctaw security staff appreciates the IQeye’s low-light performance to cover gaming tables. “When researching cameras, casino management did some side-by-side camera comparisons, but no camera could measure up to the IQeye’s Lightgrabber performance, and they still have not seen another camera that can compare with the IQeye’s image quality and network stability.”

When Choctaw Nation began researching IP cameras to upgrade existing gaming facilities and for new construction, it was looking for cameras that would fit current surveillance systems and future planned systems, and meet the needs of the Gaming Commission. The IQeye cameras provide forensic-level images of the gaming floors and slots and some key locations in the back of the house-vault, safe areas-delivering the clarity the security team demands to ensure protection of Choctaw assets and its valued customers.

“Initially, Choctaw management thought their video surveillance would be an effective tool to combat cheating and related threats,” DeAngelis said. “As time has gone on, they’ve seen that the IQeye’s forensic-level image detail has been just as effective in deterring inside employee misdeeds such as dealers pocketing chips and dealer-player collusion. Employee theft can seriously impact the bottom line, and soon after system deployment casino security directors have been able to go back to their Governing Councils to show measurable return on investment from their video surveillance system.”