One of WMS’ four foundational technology platforms, these slots are available in more than 260 casinos

More than one million unique player log-ins have now been created for WMS Gaming’s Adaptive Gaming-enabled slot games, the Waukegan, Ill.-based company announced this week.

One of WMS’ four foundational technology platforms, Adaptive Gaming, introduced in July 2008, is unique in the gaming industry as it provides players with the ability to unlock new features as they play and save their progress in a slot game, and then resume their play at a later time – even at a different casino. Players who have signed onto the Adaptive Gaming system also can have their accomplishments displayed on leader boards in casinos nationwide. In the 20 months since the first game was introduced, WMS’ Adaptive Gaming products – STAR TREK and Reel 'em In Compete to Win games – have generated an average of approximately 2,000 new, unique player log-ins per day. Currently, more than 260 casinos have Adaptive Gaming products installed on their slot floors.

“The enormous popularity of our Adaptive Gaming platform highlights WMS’ Player Driven Innovation approach to game design and the value of our game changing technologies which provide players with tremendous entertainment value unique to the industry,” Brian R. Gamache, chairman and chief executive officer of WMS, said in a news release. “Slot players today have more options than ever before and, as such, surpassing one million unique log-ins and generating a high percentage of repeat players for our Adaptive Gaming products is clear evidence that WMS continues to create differentiated, broadly-accepted gaming products that offer players the gaming content they want to play again and again. The result is greater player appeal with more entertainment value that in turn creates significant value for our customers and for WMS.”

The Adaptive Gaming platform is built on WMS’ wide-area network capabilities. The STAR TREK-branded series of games allows players to “boldly go where no one has gone before” as they earn medals that unlock new STAR TREK episodes, allowing them to progress through a dynamic storyline where they can save their progress and pick up from where they left off during their next casino visit. WMS recently introduced the fifth episode for the STAR TREK series.

The Reel Em In Compete to Win game, which combines both the Adaptive Gaming system with WMS’ Community Gaming foundational technology platform, features a competitive element never before offered in a slot machine. Players select from four characters to compete for a grand prize in an exciting fishing contest, and those winning the largest prize within a casino and nationwide are recognized on leader boards displayed on high-definition monitors.

This summer, WMS plans to introduce the next-generation version of the Adaptive Gaming platform with games based on the popular entertainment franchise, The Lord of the Rings. This series will feature a new “epic” gaming experience that takes Adaptive Gaming to the next level as players embark on a journey based on the storyline of the motion picture trilogy and collect miles along the way to unlock new and exciting elements of the legendary adventure.