KICTeam Inc.'s specialized cleaning cards offer unique design that anyone can use

A patent has been issued for a unique feature of KICTeam Inc.’s Waffletechnology cleaning cards, adding a level of protection to a growing cleaning card market. “We have been pursuing this patent since the early stages of Waffletechnology development and are pleased to have received the first of what we anticipate will be multiple patents,” said Peter Klein, president/CEO at KICTeam, Inc.

Waffletechnology products have the ability to clean today’s transaction equipment, which is susceptible to dust and pollution entering in and covering sensitive read heads and optical sensors. Until recently, most equipment needed to be opened by a technician to be properly cleaned, and this is both costly and time consuming. Waffletechnology products provide a solution to this problem with their unique design, which allows them to clean areas without opening the equipment. Now, most equipment can be regularly cleaned and maintained by anybody who uses that equipment.

“The Waffletechnology products are a huge success and have attracted a large number of Blue Chip OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who were seeking a cleaning tool for their equipment. When your largest end-user customer, New York City Transit, recognizes the effectiveness of Waffletechnology and is willing to upgrade all of their cleaning cards from flat to Waffletechnology with a cost increase, it is a testament to the effectiveness and legitimacy of the product. We decided early on to file a series of patent applications to aggressively protect our intellectual property.”

Debra Ross, product manager at KICTeam, noted that the products have evolved with the equipment they maintain. ”We invented our Waffletechnology cleaning cards to answer new problems arising in the transaction industry that our historical flat products could not solve.”

Ross noted that since the first Waffletechnology product was released in 2004, KICTeam has launched 67 new products, the majority of which were developed from OEM requests to create a cleaning tool that will maintain the operation of their equipment. “We have made products for JCM in the bill acceptor/validator industry, TransAct Technologies and Datamax-O’Neil in the Thermal Printer Industry, VidTroniX for its airline bag tag and boarding pass printers, and Panini, Epson and Canon for their check scanners used in the banking industry,” she said. “We take pride in our OEM partnerships and the successful products that develop from them.”