Barona will “loosen” its ATM machines so guests can make no-fee withdrawals

San Diego-area Barona Resort & Casino has announced that Barona will “loosen” its ATM machines during the months of June and July so that guests can make no-fee withdrawals.

“Here at Barona we know that every dollar counts to you even while you are out having fun and getting away from it all,” said Rick Salinas, general manager of Barona Resort & Casino. “That’s why our team has been so proactive in finding innovative ways for our guests to save, everyday.”

And, Barona’s Loose Troop, a group of expert slot technicians, has joined in on the fun as they are always looking for ways to loosen slot machines and share news about great deals and winning moments for guests. Recently, the Loose Troop teamed up with the world’s leading slot machine manufacturers to certify that their machines at Barona are set as loose they can be and cannot be looser anywhere else through the Manufacturer’s Best Payout program. The Loose Troop also recently doubled the number of penny slots on the casino floor giving guests longer and more exciting slot play for less.

“We are on the casino floor every day giving away cash and getting great guest feedback. From offering no fees at the ATM machine to a meal for a buck with our 24-hour delicious “Dollar Deals” we provide our guests with great value at Barona. And, while we can’t do anything about the fees that other banks may charge on their end for ATM transactions, ATM fees will be $4 cheaper at Barona than any other casino in San Diego this summer because we are waiving the $4 fee our banks charge. It is just one more way we are looking to provide our guests with value.”