The Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved the animated version of IGT’s M-P Series Roulette Evolution for use in Nevada casinos. Differing from traditional video slot games, M-P Series (multi-player) themes offer a group of players real-time wagering on a common outcome.

“M-P Series games are popular because they bridge the gap between video slot and table games players,” said Tom Mikulich, IGT’s vice president of MegaJackpots products. “Novice players are more willing to try M-P Series games because of their easy-to-understand nature, while experienced players appreciate the consistent game pace. And everyone loves the camaraderie.”

Approximately 130 player terminals statewide are slated for early placement, including seven major casinos in Las Vegas and several others in Northern Nevada. For those casinos with cashless wagering systems, only IGT Advantage 8.x and Aristocrat Oasis 360 11.5.2 are approved for use in Nevada at this time. IGT is currently seeking approval for other cashless wagering systems as well.

Three versions of Roulette Evolution are approved in jurisdictions around the United States and Canada. The animated version, now approved in more than 35 jurisdictions including California and Nevada, features game play viewed on a large-format LCD. The automated version features a mechanical roulette wheel with game play transmitted to player stations via camera. The live version, developed for jurisdictions with traditional live roulette games, uses a camera to transmit game play from a live roulette game to the player stations. Players of all versions place their bets on a 23-inch touch-screen LCD at individual player stations.

M-P Series games feature comfortable player stations arranged theatre-style around a large-format LCD. A single game server can accommodate up to 96 player stations. Other games released for M-P Series include Golden Baccarat and Triple Towers Virtual Horse Racing. Triple Towers Greyhound Racing and M-P Series Blackjack are in development and scheduled for release later this year.