Initial order of 16 Ultra Thin series monitors created an incredibly high-impact, hi-definition video wall

JCM Global has provided an extensive range of Samsung monitors to the newly expanded Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino in Coarsegold, Calif.

Chukchansi initially ordered 16 46-inch Samsung Ultra Thin (UT) series LCD monitors, and from them, the property created four separate large video walls. The result was an incredibly high-impact, hi-definition video wall. Because the monitors have an ultra-thin bezel, the entire wall appears as one unit, virtually seamless in appearance from any angle across the casino floor.

“The resort is located near Yosemite National Park with stunning views of the park and surrounding Sierra foothills, and providing guests with remarkable visuals inside the resort was extremely important to Chukchansi management. JCM is proud to provide Chukchansi with the solution for this challenge,” said Jeff Gray, JCM Global product manager.

The Samsung UT Series boasts the world's thinnest bezel at a combined bezel thickness of 6.7 mm, for an amazingly thin and seamless appearance. Other video walls have a combined thickness of up to four inches.

Samsung monitors are designed with user-friendly technology that enables users to upload and broadcast a wide range of content from an equally wide range of media sources, including IP, PC or USB. An optional built-in PC allows for both content creation and management. A built-in video wall processor allows for easy configuration of all monitors within the video wall.

The Chukchansi team was so pleased with the new monitors that they turned to JCM to provide in-room monitors for the hotel rooms in the resort’s new tower. JCM provided Samsung Pro:Idiom 32-inch monitors to replace existing in-room televisions. The Samsung Pro:Idiom product is a recent addition to the extensive Samsung product line, and the Chukchansi installation is among the first in the world.