Kiesub Electronics wins award for its product line of LED replacement boards for slot machines

Kiesub Electronics has received the 2009 Green Award from the Las Vegas Business Pressin the category of Best Green Practices, Products for its product line of LED replacement boards for slot machines.

“Kiesub is committed to supporting the Green initiative that has become very important to Las Vegas,” said Mike Johnsen, director of manufacturing at Kiesub Electronics. “We designed the LED panels to be an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lamps in slot machines. Casinos are saving thousands of dollars each year in energy costs by installing these boards in their machines, reducing power consumption up to 80 percent, at the same time improving the look of the lit-up graphics.

In 2004, Kiesub was asked to design a board to replace constantly failing lamps and bulbs with an LED solution. The benefits of LED technology include lower power consumption (saves energy), longer life – up to five years (labor & time saver), and less heat generation (other nearby components won’t fail). Kiesub designed a series of LED boards that are direct plug and play replacements for the lamps and tubes.

Kiesub has designed 37 different products to replace the lamps in the graphics panels of the most popular slot machines, from the “Insert Bills” arrow, “$5 to $100 Face Up” arrow, to the Topper and large Belly Glass panels.

The demand has been nearly overwhelming: More than 50,000 of Kiesub’s LED Replacement Panels have been installed in Las Vegas and throughout the United States since then. Energy consumption has been reduced by enough energy to power about 12,000 homes.

Since 1995, Kiesub’s manufacturing division has provided contract manufacturing and value-added assembly services. Custom cable harnesses, battery-pack assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, PC board manufacturing, engineering and design services are just a few of the services that Kiesub provides with their fully-trained, IPC-certified staff with more than 100 years of combined experience.

Kiesub Electronics, an electronics distributor and value-added/contract manufacturer established in 1973, supplies electronic parts, equipment, batteries, accessories, cable harnesses, and electro-mechanical assemblies to the hotel/casino, industrial, commercial, OEM and government markets locally and nationwide.