Bally to provide a comprehensive system solution for Nation's eight Wisconsin casinos

Bally Technologies was awarded a contract with the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin to provide a comprehensive system solution for its eight casinos in Wisconsin.

After a highly competitive selection process, the Oneida Nation chose to replace another gaming manufacturer’s system that it currently uses with a Bally system including 2,375 iVIEW patron-communication network displays, Bally Business Intelligence Solutions, TableView Real-Time Table Rating and Player-Tracking System, and Bally’s full suite of Power Bonusing, casino marketing, player-tracking, and promotions tools.

“Changing our systems vendor was not a decision we took lightly, but we could not ignore the passion, integrity, and experience of Bally’s employees, their remarkable commitment to customer support and service, their track record of standing behind their products for the long term, and their complete focus on Systems as a business unit,” said Joe Olujic, assistant general manager-finance for Oneida Bingo & Casino. “Implementing a new system is not an easy or inexpensive endeavor, but we are convinced that Bally’s systems products will pay us rich dividends with their innovative player-centric marketing and promotions tools as well as their solutions like Business Intelligence and TableView that deliver true operating efficiencies.”

The Oneida Nation will become the first casino with more than 2,000 slot machines to go live with Bally’s SDS Version 11 slot system across an eight-casino network. The significantly upgraded, Java-based solution provides an easy and familiar user interface and a single code base that supports multiple hardware platforms and databases.

“We are very excited and proud to be the first casino of our size to go live on Bally’s new Java-based SDS Version 11 running on Windows,” Olujic said. “We look forward to partnering with Bally as they drive their innovation forward effectively, and we know Bally will stand behind its products now and into the future.”

Ramesh Srinivasan, executive vice president of Bally Systems, called the Oneida Nation “a very progressive gaming operator” and said Bally is “extremely honored and humbled to become their systems partner for the future.”

“We look forward to helping the Oneida Nation take their gaming operation to the next level. The fact they will become the first casino of their size to go live on SDS Version 11 makes this partnership even more exciting for us.”

The Oneida Nation will go live late this summer with Bally’s fully networked floor systems solution over the gaming operator’s new high-speed Ethernet floor network.