Outlines why G2S protocol is being expanded to meet the distributed gaming market’s unique needs

Open standards create unique benefits and also pose challenges to distributed gaming market operators, according to a new white paper from SPIELO.

Unlike commercial casino operations that usually function under one roof, Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) in distributed gaming markets are located throughout the regulated jurisdiction, often with just a few EGMs per site at hundreds of locations.

SPIELO’s document, “Bridging the G2S Gap: A White Paper on the Viability of G2S in the Distributed Gaming Market,” examines how the Game to System (G2S) protocol could benefit the distributed gaming market. SPIELO is 100 percent owned by the Lottomattica Group, one of the world’s largest commercial lottery operators and a market leader in the Italian gaming industry. Lottomattica also owns GTECH, a leading gaming technology and services company.

G2S is a standard communication protocol managed by the Gaming Standards Association (GSA). G2S has advanced communication abilities, allowing networked gaming features like software downloads to, and remote configuration of, EGMs. The protocol was designed to be extensible so it can be easily upgraded and updated to meet evolving gaming operation requirements.

The white paper describes the universal benefits and functions of open standards for all gaming operators by looking at the development of the G2S protocol.

It also outlines why the current G2S protocol is being expanded to meet the distributed gaming market’s unique needs.

Finally, it offers a checklist on how to prepare for full adoption of G2S protocols in a distributed gaming operation.

GTECH has 20 years’ experience operating stable and secure central system platforms that manage tens of thousands of EGMs in thousands of retail sites. GTECH is a platinum member of the Gaming Standards Association which supports open industry standards such as Game-to-System (G2S) and System-to-System (S2S).

With 20 years’ experience, SPIELO is a leader in providing proven solutions to distributed gaming market operations. SPIELO provides more than 26,000 EGMs to distributed gaming customers around the world. GTECH has also won eight of the last 10 Video Lottery Central System procurements.

Recently, GTECH developed two G2S extensions created specifically for the distributed gaming market. In addition to participating in the extension discussions, SPIELO will be the first vendor to actually implement a G2S protocol extension in a distributed gaming environment.