Virtual gaming platform offers virtual racing games featuring realistic real-time 3D computer graphics

Solidicon’s new virtual gaming platform, Solidity System, is proving a success in Africa, where it is being used to offer virtual horse and greyhound racing games for betting venues with limited space.

Featuring realistic real-time 3D computer graphics, this virtual sports betting platform can serve a large crowd of players with a single point-of-sale terminal. Needing only limited space, it can be positioned almost anywhere. It is easy to learn and play for beginners, yet challenging for hard-core punters wanting to get the experience of lifelike horse racing. Real-time 3D HDTV graphics on plasma displays are designed to bring players a taste of what the next generation of gaming is all about, boosted with realistic sound effects and a full race commentary.

To further player appeal, four different betting categories can be selected: Win, Place, Show; Exacta; Quinella; and an optional Jackpot. The Solidity System can operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week. With a press on the power button, the system initializes and starts up with the operator’s preferred software configuration.

All activities are automatically stored in a database that is mirrored to a backup drive for redundancy. The Solidity System hardware and software has undergone extensive testing to make certain it is not only hacking and sabotage resistant but also to make sure it can operate in even the most extreme environments. Solidicon said its Triple Towers Virtual Racing is perfect for casinos, betting shops, lounge environments, sports books, restaurants and sports bars.

“It has been a great challenge to make our own gaming platform. It took a lot of time and effort to make it fun for player to learn and play and easy to use and manage from an operator’s perspective. All the work has finally paid off and we are ready to take on Europe next,” said Solidicon CEO P-A Gustafsson.

James Simon Mpanga, chief executive officer of Sports Betting Africa, vouched for the system’s operation and performance and for the company’s service and support.

“We are very pleased with the service in terms of support and co-operation received from Solidicon in setting up the product and optimizing efficiency,” he said. “As per the product itself, the graphics, the sound and the instant pay concept has made Triple Towers virtual horse racing the most popular product in all our line of products and this is inclusive of even all the conventional sports betting products combined.”

Solidicon, a privately held corporation based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a game developer and inventor of products for the gaming industry. Solidicon has developed a game engine with the ability to show detailed 3D graphics in real-time. The technology also makes it possible to create an endless number of outcomes for game events such as virtual horse racing. Furthermore, it allows customers to customize the games to make them more personal.

Solidicon has worked with many of the gaming industry leaders during the past few years, such as IGT, Atronic, BossMedia and Net Entertainment to name a few. Their virtual racing games and slot games are now available worldwide both online and in casinos through their partners.

Tim Richards, IGT director of table games, said IGT has had a positive experience working with Solidicon for approximately two years.

“We decided to integrate Solidicon’s games on our M-P Series gaming platform after careful evaluation of their technology and quality of game content,” he said. “Solidicon has great products and a professional team of game developers that work well with our team. The result of our collaborative work will soon be revealed with the launch of Triple Towers virtual racing games.”