The smoking alternative device lets patrons satisfy their nicotine cravings in smoke-free areas

Foxwoods Resort Casino announces today that Cigotine electronic smoking devices are now available for patrons to use in all Foxwoods Resort Casino and MGM Grand at Foxwoods facilities, including all hotel rooms, casinos, restaurants, bars and music venues throughout the facility.

The smoking alternative device also is now available for purchase in three Foxwoods retail stores, as well as the main retail shop at MGM Grand at Foxwoods.

Foxwoods and MGM Grand at Foxwoods patrons can now satisfy their nicotine cravings with Cigotine, allowing them to enjoy time throughout the hotel and entertainment facilities without having to move to designated smoking areas.

“We are thrilled to have this deal in place with Foxwoods Resort Casino and MGM Grand at Foxwoods,” says Steve Bayonne, chief executive officer, Cigotine LLC. “Resort patrons now have the freedom to use or purchase Cigotine within the facility, and will never have to worry about interrupting their enjoyment or the enjoyment of those around them.”

This deal was developed around the Cigotine proprietary design and function, which offers the same tactile experience as traditional cigarettes, but does not need to be burned, and does not give off ash, smoke or residual odor that could damage property and make other guests uncomfortable. Now, smokers will experience renewed convenience, while nonsmoking patrons will continue to enjoy a safe, smoke-free, clean-air environment. As indoor smoking bans continue to grow nationwide, including within an increasing number of prominent casinos and gaming facilities, tobacco users are now more limited than ever before in finding places to smoke.

Though a small number of Foxwoods and MGM Grand at Foxwoods casino floors allow tobacco use, the vast majority of the venues, hotel rooms and thoroughfares are now smoke-free.

“By allowing Cigotine use throughout its venues, Foxwoods Resort Casino and the MGM Grand at Foxwoods stand alone in the casino and hospitality industries, by maximizing the enjoyment of all patrons, while continuing to promote a smoke-free facility,” Bayonne said.