New Web-based data tool provides gaming operators a full picture of where and how patrons are spending their gaming dollars

Global Cash Access, a provider of innovative cash access solutions and data intelligence for casinos, has launched its proprietary marketing and business intelligence tool, Casino Share Intelligence (CSI).

CSI, powered by DiamondStream, is a Web-based data analysis tool that provides gaming operators a full picture of where and how patrons are spending their gaming dollars, enabling them to evaluate the success of existing and future marketing strategies.

“CSI provides actionable intelligence that shows a casino operator exactly how they are stacking up against the competition, both within their market and across state lines,” said Scott Betts, chief executive officer of GCA. “We believe GCA’s invaluable strength of network and market intelligence will change the way casino operators evaluate their business and make strategic decisions.”

GCA currently provides cash access services to more than 1,100 casinos in the United States and around the world and is able to leverage the strength and reach of its network to compile unmatched industry data available only through CSI. Using GCA’s rich data, CSI presents weekly trended market share reports over the last twelve months, including: Market Share, Wallet Share, Patron Share, and Top Patron Module; all with drill-down diagnostic capability.

From this data, casino operators can assess the success of their current marketing strategy and prioritize where to focus marketing dollars in order to drive additional business to their casino floor. They can also evaluate the success of new marketing initiatives in driving improved market share, patron share and wallet share. Furthermore, the Top Patron Module allows marketing departments and player development the opportunity to predict defection and identify the total wallet value of its most valuable patrons. This can be used to prioritize on whom to spend to get the biggest return on that investment.

“To stay ahead of the curve in today’s gaming industry, casinos need to be acutely aware of how their patrons are spending their time and money,” said Dean Donovan, co-founder of DiamondStream. “Understanding market share to this degree provides a critical competitive advantage that allows a casino to better plan its marketing and sales programs.”

CSI and GCA’s database is subject to confidentiality restrictions, which are strictly adhered to by DiamondStream. Individual patron names and addresses cannot be queried unless they already exist in the customer’s database or have made a GCA-identified withdrawal at the client’s property. GCA will not permit market share or other reporting against specific, identifiable casinos. Very high loyalty patrons at competing casino are excluded and cannot be targeted. CSI is only available to GCA cash access customers.