Company's new interactive casino games, amenities and retail locator system to begin North American rollout

Casino Data Imaging’s new interactive casino games, amenities and retail locator system, iGuide, has been released for North American sales.

“As a leader in data visualization technology to the casino industry, over the last year we had the benefit of working with many of our CasinoCAD clients in reviewing iGuide’s development and product path,” said Rajdeep Srivastav, CDI chief technology officer. “We are excited about the industry’s reaction and the beginning of a great product rollout across the country.”

The principal concept for iGuide was to go several steps beyond existing “way finder” type technology by using dynamic mapping complementing all major categories of interest specific to each venue. Instead of getting confused or disoriented, customers will have a rich experience with many reasons to use iGuide again and again, the company said. Frequent updates, ongoing development, easy deployment, and low cost of entry will pave the way for great sales and brand recognition. In addition to easily guiding patrons throughout a property, the operator will be able to panel customers to specific areas and products within the venue. “iGuide’s deployment is slated for a variety of venues including casino, retail, big box stores, and more,” said Srivastav.

Casino industry consultant Charlie Lombardo noted that way finder technology is challenging as a casino has only have a few seconds to capture the customer’s attention when the patron approaches the kiosk. “What impresses me with iGuide is a simple, easy to understand and fun presentation for the patron. All casinos are different and I see CDI paid careful attention to providing a sensible user interface plus ensuring the iGuide program is scalable to any venue.”

Developed ground up for the casino industry, iGuide uses the latest Microsoft technologies to provide a great experience for the end user and easy deployment for the operator.

CDI will be exhibiting and demonstrating iGuide and CasinoCAD products in booth No. 729 at the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) Conference Aug. 9-11 in Tulsa, Okla.