Certification covers mystery and progressive configurations in California, Delaware and Rhode Island

Gaming Support has been granted Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) certification covering its BaseSys Navigator jackpot controller.

The first such regulatory milestone projected for the product, the certification covers mystery and progressive configurations within the states of California, Delaware and Rhode Island.

“Gaming Support is proud to have cleared this first, very important hurdle,” stated Don Baugh, chief executive officer, Gaming Support USA. “For the past several years, the American controller market has been far too restricted, with only one or two vendors supplying product. This absence of competition has been at the direct expense of casino operators, who have been forced to choose from an unacceptably narrow range of offerings. We look forward to providing American operators with a worthy alternative and are excited by the ongoing proliferation of this new, very exciting technology.”

BaseSys Navigator is a feature-rich, scalable and cost-effective jackpot controller that is proven to work with every slot machine on the market. Widely installed in casinos throughout Europe, Asia and South America, BaseSys Navigator enables gaming operators to remotely manage jackpots, update jackpot settings, emphasize jackpot values and trigger special effects - all from the comfort of a networked PC.