Casino will expand existing bank of chipless Rapid Baccarat, Rapid Roulette and Barona i-Table Blackjack

After winning hands-down approval from its customers, Barona Resort & Casino has announced plans to further expand its chipless table gaming area.

Always on the cutting edge of the gaming industry, Barona General Manager Rick Salinas says, “chipless table games truly will be the future for all casino floors around the world and we are proud that Barona was one of the first to launch it.”

Barona will expand its existing bank of Rapid Baccarat, Rapid Roulette and Barona i-Table Blackjack. Live dealers and standard casino playing cards are still an important part of play and determine the outcome of the game. But with these next-generation table games, instead of the ubiquitous bright-colored chips, all wagers are made on individual touch screen computer terminals.

“It’s as simple as all of the other electronic transactions people make every day like withdrawing cash from an ATM or paying for groceries or gas on a touch screen,” Salinas said.

The feedback on Barona’s chipless games from players of all gaming interests and levels has been overwhelmingly positive, notes Mike Patterson, vice president of table games. “We’ve long been real proponents and early adopters of innovative technology on the casino floor and our customers – both tech savvy and computer newcomers alike – tell us that chipless is much less intimidating and easier to play with the advantage of lower minimum bets," says Patterson.

Additionally, he says customers are thrilled because “there are a lot of multiple feature bets with even more ways to win.”

Chipless table games will soon transform the gaming industry, says Patterson, much the same way that the coinless slot machines Barona developed and introduced in 2000 revolutionized casino floors across the country.

As long as our customers are excited and eagerly embracing new technology, we’ll keep expanding our computer-based gaming,” says Patterson.

In addition to the chipless table games, Barona has more than 80 conventional table games including blackjack, Pai Gow poker, Caribbean Stud, Barona Craps, three-card poker, four-card poker, Mississippi Stud and Let It Ride.