Since its beginning, Galaxy Gaming’s focus on future success has translated into developing products and services with attention to quality and customer service that will always provide a firm foundation, allowing them to be recognized as a leading provider of innovative and creative gaming solutions.<

Galaxy Gaming's Triple Attack

 Founder and CEO Rob Saucier (from left) and staffers Bob Pietrosanto, Debra Steeno and Dean Barnett proudly display the Gold Award Galaxy won for Triple Attack Blackjack in “Casino Journal’s Best New Table Games” competition at Raving’s 2010 Cutting-Edge Table Games Conference in Las Vegas.

You know what they say about progress …“small steps”. That thinking seems to garner a reasonable guarantee of success. However, life doesn’t always grant us the luxury of taking the time to proceed slowly and methodically toward the finish line. Sometimes conditions force us to lose sight of that discipline, and we have a tendency to take unnecessary chances. But Galaxy Gaming seems to be living by the code and maintaining that discipline. Since its beginning, Galaxy’s focus on future success has translated into developing products and services with attention to quality and customer service that will always provide a firm foundation, allowing them to be recognized as a leading provider of innovative and creative gaming solutions.

Formed and managed by former casino owners, operators and executives, Galaxy is headquartered in Las Vegas and is one of the world’s largest developers, manufacturers and distributors of casino table games.

In 1997, founder Robert Saucier invested in a small casino in Washington state that had 10 table games, mostly blackjack. During this time, with interest in the traditional game waning, he saw a need and created a side bet for blackjack designed to increase player appeal and overall game excitement. As a result, Galaxy Gaming Corp. was born.

Soon after, other Washington casinos noticed the popularity and profitability of this new side bet, called Horseshoe Blackjack, and requested licenses to offer it on their floors. The side bet evolved into a bet called Lucky Ladies, which was Galaxy’s primary product until late 2002, when a new poker game called Texas Shootout was introduced. Like Lucky Ladies, Texas Shootout quickly gained popularity, requiring Galaxy to increase its sales force and expand distribution to new jurisdictions.

New products followed at a regular pace. In 2008, Galaxy released Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow Poker and Three Card Split along with another side bet, Lucky 8 Baccarat. These games were also well-received and began generating additional revenues, paving the way for the development of Galaxy’s Bonus Jackpot System, a unique technology designed to enhance each player’s gaming experience through frequent, multiple bonus opportunities, a chance at life-changing jackpots and customized promotions - and generate additional revenue for operators at the same time. BJS, available on all of Galaxy’s proprietary table games and side bets, provides a two-way link between each gaming table and a data center that collects and compiles information through a proprietary Bet Tabulator System, a secure, reliable, electronic wagering platform that tracks the number of bets. The system displays the applicable jackpots and bonuses available to the player via Galaxy’s innovative TableVision display system.

Galaxy's Triple Attack Blackjack


In February 2009, Galaxy executed a reverse merger which resulted in a public listing for the company under the OTC ticker symbol GLXZ. The following month saw the first installations of the Bonus Jackpot System Milky Way Series. Now, with 1,700 tables under contract and non-client tables also connected to the BJS network, Galaxy plans to build the largest data base of table game information in the world.

This year saw the release of a new premium game titled Triple Attack Blackjack, which is being marketed in select jurisdictions, with more locations being added as interest grows. The game offers players the option to increase their initial wager twice prior to acting on their hand.

Galaxy’s plans for the fourth quarter include the next generation of BJS, the Andromeda Series.

Galaxy’s side-bet products - Super Pairs, Suited Royals, Bonus Blackjack, Bust Bonus, 21 Magic and Lucky 8 Baccarat, among them - complement and enhance the casino game mix, transforming standard games into exciting alternatives, and it’s no surprise that they’re increasing in popularity daily. Galaxy’s Premium Game line - Texas Shootout, Emperors Challenge Pai Gow Poker, 3 Card Split and the new Triple Attack Blackjack - is widely recognized as rich with innovative offerings. In 2008, the company’s 3 Card Double Play garnered a Bronze Award in Casino Journal’s “Best New Table Games” competition. In 2009, Galaxy took home the Silver for Emperors Challenge Pai Gow Poker with the Bonus Jackpot System. This year, Galaxy won the Gold Award, taking first place for Triple Attack Blackjack.

“Most of our growth can be attributed to our dedicated and talented team, through direct sales, leading to the successful placement of our installed game base,” says Saucier. “We believe our expertise and management skills are exactly what we need to maintain continued growth and increased revenues while offering a complete and entertaining experience. For us this has been a dream-come-true transformation, and we look forward to future success going forward.”

The progress Galaxy has made has inspired them to continue creating and developing new game ideas at an accelerated pace, while the success of the Bonus Jackpot System will undoubtedly open the door to more integrated gaming solutions.

These days Galaxy Gaming seems to be taking bigger steps, innovative steps … the right steps.