Will fill the need for a comprehensive institute to serve a critical aspect of New Jersey’s economy

The Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism has been established in the School of Business at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

The Institute, which promises to combine the research, training and management components of the Stockton Institute for Gaming Management (SIGMA) and those of the College’s Center on Hospitality and Tourism Research, fills the need for a comprehensive institute to serve a critical aspect of New Jersey’s economy.

“Analysis and strategic planning by our School of Business has shown the region would benefit from impartial research as well as training programs, surveys and other services critical to the gaming and hospitality industries and Stockton has made a commitment to develop this Institute,” Stockton President Herman J. Saatkamp, Jr. said. “I approached Lloyd Levenson, an area attorney not only actively involved with the gaming industry, but also a longtime supporter of Stockton, for assistance in making this a reality.”

Saatkamp added that Levenson was a longtime friend of the College who previously served as chair of the Scholarship Gala and has been a supporter of numerous College activities and events. His wife, Liane, is an attorney and an adjunct Stockton faculty member.

Saatkamp said Levenson’s background and community ties made his involvement with the new Institute a logical person to approach for assistance. Chief executive officer of the Atlantic City law firm of Cooper Levenson April Niedelman and Wagenheim, Levenson is a leading casino law expert. His broad knowledge of casino regulations and extensive experience as a trial attorney serves a client list of casinos, sovereign governments, casino executives and casino vendors.

“It’s a proud day for Stockton to add the name Lloyd D. Levenson to an institute that will have far-reaching benefit to our community and beyond,” Saatkamp said. “His efforts and generosity promote one of the region’s most important economic drivers and benefits our entire community and state.”

Levenson echoed Saatkamp's recognition of the significance of the new institute. “I've participated in gaming's growth from an exciting experiment to a multibillion dollar industry. The Institute affirms this transformation from a local leisure enterprise to a complex economic system of global impact.”

The institute will combine expertise and resources of two previously well-established Stockton centers in one comprehensive Institute. SIGMA offers a Gaming Management curriculum, workshops and customized training programs among its programs and services. The New Jersey Center for Hospitality and Tourism Research collects and disseminates statewide information on tourism and hospitality, conducts applied research activities, and hosts distinguished guest lecture series. The new institute brings everything under one far-reaching umbrella, Saatkamp said.