U1 Keno, Poker and Slot gaming machine offers players their choice of seven different games

United Coin Machine Company has brought the U1 Keno, Poker and Slot gaming machine to Nevada.

UCMC is the exclusive distributor of U1 to bars in both Nevada and Montana. Manufactured by U1 Gaming, the multigame console, with a 24-inch high-resolution LCD monitor and touch screen, offers players their choice of seven different games with payouts up to $250,000 and 14 different games with payouts up to $225,000.

It offers a variety of novel keno concepts with new ways to win and a variety of bonus features. For the first time ever, players can view the payback percentage right on the playing screen, and they enjoy an increasing payback percentage with each incremental higher wager. Wagers from 1 cent to $10 and up are accepted.

Players are not accustomed to seeing their payback percentages, said Steve Arntzen, chief operating officer of United Coin. “This provides players with greater knowledge so they can better determine their personal risk and reward level for each game. Multiple bet keys offer a wide range of wagers and the payback percentage increases with higher wagers. So far, response has been terrific. Once players get acquainted with all the options, they are playing significantly longer.”

United Coin has installed the U1 at nine locations with immediate plans to install dozens more at other locations. Currently installed locations include Stetson’s, Casino Valle Verde, Chasers Pub, R-Bar and some 7-Elevens.

U1 is revolutionary for its unique three-way split between the manufacturer, the bar or location owner and UCMC, the service provider, Arntzen said. Rather than passing the risk of large jackpots onto either the location owner or service provider, U1’s weekly revenue split on these devices is based on theroretical win, instead of actual results.

Under this new economic model, location owners are now guaranteed a weekly check for having the device in their establishments, regardless of whether the actual performance on the games is positive or not. The more the customers play the U1 gaming machines, the higher the check to the location.

“Much like IGT’s wildly famous linked progressive game, MegaBucks, the U1 spreads both the risk and the profits across their entire spectrum of games in the field via this formula to enhance both player payouts and operator revenues,” he said. “It’s a proven formula that works for everyone. We are very excited about the revenue-generating potential of the U1 and are equally confident it will resonate with players given all its bells and whistles.”

The unit features an adjustable tilt monitor, a plush adjustable chair with expanded legroom, adjustable audio volume controls, session tracking, and space for drinks, food, handbags and personal belongings. It is also totally compatible with United Coin’s Gamblers Bonus via a customized interface.