Integrated software/hardware solution provides information to analyze slot floor performance

Fire Rock Navajo Casino is operating with MEI CASHFLOW SC bill validators, which are equipped with EASITRAX Soft Count across its entire slot floor. EASITRAX is an integrated software/hardware solution that places information collected in the CASHFLOW SC bill validator into a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot floor performance.

“We are thrilled to have EASITRAX Soft Count on our floor,” said Paul Hamm, slot manager for the casino located west of Gallup, N.M. “We have been able to drop our whole floor in less than five hours instead of the multiple drops it took before we fully implemented the system, freeing up the majority of our drop team members and technicians time.”

The technology that is behind the proven performance of CASHFLOW SC is now applied to EASITRAX Soft Count. Operators can now manage their assets from the slot machine to the soft cou

nt room, giving them a level of control that was not accessible prior to EASITRAX. “MEI is committed to creating products that provide value to the operators. This was demonstrated through the development of EASITRAX Soft Count and will continue with future product enhancements,” said Eric Fisher, MEI vice president for the Americas. “We appreciate Fire Rock Navajo Casino’s dedication to MEI products and thank them for their support.”

Fire Rock is the Navajo Nation’s first of several casinos and is operated by the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise. The Enterprise is planning the development of five to six casinos within Navajo Nation portion of New Mexico and Arizona.