Research conducted in Las Vegas by Clear Seas Research suggests that international visitors are not having their expectations met

Figure 1

International visitors are significantly less likely to gamble during their visit, and when they do they are spending less

Just 73 percent of international visitors are gambling during their stay, compared to 83 percent of U.S. visitors. Figure 1 shows that among those international visitors who are gambling, many are spending $100 or less, which most likely amounts to “trying their hand” for the experience.

Figure 2

International visitors are more likely to play slots but are less satisfied with the experience

Figure 2 shows that international visitors are less satisfied with their slot-playing experience, compared to their U.S. counterparts. Given that international visitors will continue to be an important revenue stream for Las Vegas casinos it is important to understand why they rate their experience lower. Is it less familiarity with the games? Is it higher expectations going in? Operators would be wise to study this issue further.

Figure 3

International visitors expect more value from their live show experience

The suggestion of less satisfied international visitors is further enhanced when it comes to live shows. Figure 3 shows a significant difference between U.S. and international visitors when it comes to overall satisfaction with the live show experience. Although both U.S. and international visitors rate their satisfaction relatively high, it is clear that the international visitor sees more room for improvement than the U.S. visitor. Casinos will want to explore this finding more deeply to better understand the perceptions and expectations of this discerning and important customer segment.

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