It was Colonel Mustard, with the wrench, in the…Select your character and start solving the mystery in WMS Gaming’s first CLUE slot theme. With seven bonuses (four unlockable) set through the famous CLUE mansion, players will be kept on the edge of their seats as they have a chance to solve the mystery at the end of each bonus round to win a progressive award.

Players initially triggering the bonus will choose the Kitchen or Ballroom Bonus, but may login to save their progress as they unlock four additional room bonuses in this epic slot adventure. There’s also the Lights Out Bonus that can randomly award one player on the bank any bonus in the game, locked or unlocked.

After each bonus players could get a chance at the Solve-The-Mystery Progressive, a unique feature that prompts players to select a weapon, character and room to win a bank-wide jackpot-but if they choose incorrectly, the next player trying to solve the mystery has better odds at the jackpot!

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