ACS (formerly AC Coin and Slot) unveiled Axcess, a new line of slot machines, at G2E.

ACS (formerly AC Coin and Slot) certainly made a big splash at this year’s G2E, unveiling a new branding initiative that included a revised company name, logo and Web site in addition to Axcess, a new line of slot machines that caught the eye of numerous slot managers (see Forum, page 26). The top-of-the-line Axcess Premium features 22-inch widescreen display with touch- enabled anti-glare video screens for better visibility in casino environments, eco-friendly LED edge lighting, dynamic and fully programmable button panel including bonus game content, advanced Ergonomics for a comfortable player experience, a fully configurable platform and a HD surround sound experience. Initial game titles for Axcess Premium include Redfire and Cirque de Prime.

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