The newest entertainment-style video slot from Aristocrat features a wide area progressive jackpot with a $250,000 top award. There are multiple ways to win, including three local area progressive jackpots, and a low 150 max bet that encourages players to shoot for the big prize. The Reel Power base game (25+25 credit ante bet) is augmented by six bonus features and has a 1-cent 50-credit minimum bet.

Mission Impossible’s premium packaging includes the VERVE hd cabinet, licensed game theme, overhead signage and a surround-sound chair. Rounding things out is a 31.5” portrait monitor with the award-winning Nteractiv LCD programmable buttons, high-def 1920x1080 graphics via the advanced GEN7X platform, interactive edge lighting, and 3D panoramic digital audio with player-adjustable sound.

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