Multimedia’s popular slot tournament solution allows operators to manage and implement team slot tournaments with multiple customizable configurations based on the number of players, mechanics of team advancement, rankings and tournament prize awards. Team tournaments and the other industry-leading functionality available with TournEvent are easily accessed by the Control Center, which has been further updated with a new user-friendly interface.

Crazy Carnival, the new base game for TournEvent which debuted at G2E, offers new interactive features, vibrant artwork, and striking animation that keeps players in the zone and having fun during slot tournaments. The Crazy Carnival Bonus Targets pop up on the bottom of the screen and award players 1,000-5,000 additional bonus points as they quickly reach up and touch the target on the main game screen. The Jump to First feature allows players the opportunity to jump into first place during tournament play by reaching up to touch the TournEvent Money Man when displayed on screen.

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