A bill that would create three new destination resorts in South Florida has garnered the formal support of the state’s conservative Tea Party movement. Everett Wilkinson, chairman of the South Florida Tea Party and state coordinator for the Florida Tea Party, announced his support last month in the political blog Red County, stressing the measure’s potential for job creation and positive economic impacts.

Wilkinson cited a meeting with Genting’s KT Lim and Colin Au, who he described as “free-market guys” who would be Tea Party supporters if they were U.S. citizens, at the unveiling of their resort last September. Genting rolled out, “an incredible, beautiful resort, not an ugly cheap casino.” The resort, “would create an estimated 5,000 new jobs at a temporary facility, 25,000 jobs at the permanent facility, and 10,000 construction jobs…I started to think of it as a resort that had gambling versus a Las Vegas casino.”

Wilkinson also signaled his intention to advocate aggressively for the bill through the coming political season. “I believe that any legislator that is opposed to building resort casinos which will create thousands of jobs in South Florida should be given the title of ‘Job Killing Czar,” he wrote. “The Tea Party will be watching this bill closely and hold legislators accountable in November.”