Company acquires Compudigm’s Gaming Power and seePOWER solutions; partners with Teradata

Las Vegas-based Bally Technologies will be significantly upgrading its business intelligence capabilities after announcing the acquisition of Compudigm International’s Gaming Power and seePOWER applications. Bally also reached a separate agreement with Teradata Corp. that will bring additional data warehousing solutions into the fold.

In its deal with Compudigm, Bally said the company’s data visualization and business analysis technology was key to future server-based gaming opportunities and that the technologies would be immediately integrated with existing systems to create what Bally termed, “the networked floor of the future.”

Coinciding with the acquisition, Bally also announced its launch of a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution that will consist of two distinct and integrated modules-its internally developed Data Analysis Dashboard and Compudigm’s Gaming Power and seePower Data Visualization modules-both working off one combined Gaming Data Warehouse.

The Data Analysis Dashboard offers more than 650 predefined key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical data analysis charts and graphs, more than 150 predefined reports and ad-hoc reporting that will bring all essential information required to manage a casino just a few computer clicks away.

“The Compudigm technology acquisition is consistent with our commitment to deliver leading, yet useable technology with a strong return on investment to our systems footprint of more than 368,000 devices worldwide,” said Richard Haddrill, CEO of Bally Technologies. “Our leading business intelligence suite of products will be a key component in delivering ROI on the evolving ‘networked gaming floor of the future.”

The new Bally Business Intelligence product line will feature multiple pricing and scalable options for the different data warehousing, business analysis and data visualization solutions.

Bally reached an agreement with Teradata where Teradata will provide the resources of the Teradata® Warehouse to Bally’s Business Intelligence solution.

Bally said it chose to partner with Teradata to better serve its customers by providing them information in a centralized environment. This data can then be analyzed and presented to the business users as a series of static- or active-data visualizations that show how the business is performing. These visualizations allow decision-makers to make accurate business assessments and adjustments to positively affect customer entertainment experiences and operational results.