Global Gaming Expo should once again prove fertile ground for new table game technology and devices

For most people, the true harbingers of fall are kids heading back to school, leaves turning on the trees or the outdoor temperature becoming a might chilly. For the gaming industry, the truest sign that autumn is upon us is the flocking of operators, manufacturers and other interested spectators to Las Vegas for the annual Global Gaming Expo trade show and conference.

The show floor at G2E 2012, which will take place October 1-4 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, will once again offer the latest and greatest products and services from a host of domestic and international gaming suppliers and manufacturers. This year, special emphasis will be placed on table games, not only at the trade show but also in G2E’s various conferences and sessions.  “We recognize that table games are increasingly important contributors to casinos’ revenue streams, and therefore, we have tailored G2E 2012 to meet the needs of this sector,” said Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., president and CEO of the AGA, said in a prepared statement. “G2E 2012 will be the go-to place for information and resources on table games, providing gaming professionals with access to cutting-edge products and technology, valuable networking opportunities and unmatched educational programming.”

Never let it be saidCasino Journalis found lacking in any effort to promote table games. Here is a quick rundown of the table game products, services and peripherals some vendors will be showcasing at this year’s G2E:


TheTableXchange Printer/ScannerfromFutureLogicconnects existing table games to a casino’s existing TITO network enabling dealers to validate and issue TITO vouchers at table games. With the ability to buy-in or cash out at table games, the TableXchange printer/scanner provides a bridge between slots and tables, helps casinos identify valuable crossover players, and ultimately enhances the casino/property experience. With chips remaining at the table, the TableXchange device further increases operational efficiency at tables and the cash cage by significantly reducing the traffic at the cash cage and eliminating the need to replenish chips at table games.
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G2E booth number: 4041


TheG4 Organic Live Pulseor “Pulse Arena” isInterblock USA’s new product and will be showcased in the United States for the first time. The version that will be displayed at G2E will consist of 20 play stations and two live games (Roulette and Baccarat) with the ability to place wagers electronically on a live wheel operated by a croupier or a live shoe being dealt for a baccarat game.
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G2E booth number: 4400


Using optical bet-recognition software, theChip Recognitionsystem from Bally Technologiesis able to view the gaming chips, distinguish between various denominations, and perform an automated chip count through two cameras and a dealer-operated button at each table. What is truly unique about Bally Chip Recognition is that a casino’s chips can be identified without the expense and inconvenience of replacing a casino’s chip sets. By identifying the wagers, Bally CMS and TableView real-time table management systems will be able to more accurately track player activity for comps and rewards, while also enhancing the ability to track play on the table for dealer-efficiency and labor efficiencies.
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G2E booth number: 1127


Shootout PokerfromCreative Casino Gamesis the first casino table game that allows players to play against each other and concurrently play against the house. It’s Texas Hold ’em with a dealer button. The use of poker skills invites strategic thinkers who may not otherwise be attracted to casino table games. This innovation allows the casino to realize an extra profit center by adding a rake to its edge. Shootout Poker is specifically designed to attract new and casual players who dislike the intimidation of a poker room and want an exciting, easy approach to table gaming.
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G2E booth number: 3236


Blending intricate designs or logos with up to six high-precision injection molded color shots,Gaming Partners International’s newB&G Premium Chipscombine advancements in plastic injection-molded chip manufacturing with a much broader range of design possibilities. By providing casinos with the ability to create a completely unique gaming chip that incorporates their logo, iconic design or other key visual elements into their chip mold, B&G Premium Chips provide an excellent alternative to standard mold designs that only offer minimum customization opportunities and use standard edge spot designs that are available to other casinos. Further, the unique design elements that are incorporated into each B&G Premium Chip assists dealers and other casino staff with quicker identification during game play. Best of all, these intricate chip designs can incorporate an extensive variety of chip security features based on each operator’s individual requirements, providing casinos with not only a visually appealing representation of their brand, but also a more secure chip that is more resistant to counterfeiting.
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G2E booth number: 4441


StylGame, with itsRoyal Stoolline of products, has progressively solved issues associated with slot machine ergonomics with its integrated ergonomic system, “Play in Comfort.” This patented system significantly increases time on device and coin-in for slots while also improving comfort for the player. “Play in Comfort” consists of a specialized slot base combined with a chair from the Royal Stool line of products. The slot base features ergonomically designed leg space and comes in either adjustable or fixed heights. The Royal Stool chairs are all customizable, thanks to interchangeable seats and frames and come in a variety of combinations, finishes, materials, upholsteries, colors and accessories.
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G2E booth number: 2431


TCSJOHNHUXLEYare currently streamlining and enhancing the core product range with an emphasis on innovation. Products such asSupernova Table Bonus System, Gaming Floor Live and Tablet Roulette all feature heavily in this and will be key products on show at G2E. Supernova Bonus System is a progressive and game bonusing system that delivers added value to live roulette. The system drives increased revenues by adding higher levels of player excitement and loyalty to live games. It is the world’s first progressive system for local and networked game applications that can be used on any live roulette table.
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G2E booth number: 3817


Continuing to strengthen its position in the casino seating industry with its ability to provide customized solutions, Gary Platt Manufacturingis introducing new styles of table game chairs at G2E. A stylish, sleeker version of the popular Vue model will be on display. This addition to the Designer Series incorporates softer lines while maintaining the comfortable ergonomic features our customers have come to expect. Gary Platt is also introducing a newly designedHi/Lo Pedestal Modeldesigned specifically for electronic table games. This style features a comfortable round seat, curved back, and attractive arched style footrest. New enhancements to the X-tended Play Series will also be introduced, including a newly designed insert handle.
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G2E booth number: 2832


Creative Casino Games’ Lo-Ball Showdownuses the seven card stud Lo-ball format to offer players a very easy way to play poker on the casino floor. This game incorporates the same innovation and thrill which allows players to bet against each other and concurrently against the house. In addition to the house edge, the casino is also able to take a rake from the Lo-Ball Showdown table game. The combination of betting against the house first, and then using the same cards in a wager against the other players, encourages players to develop strategies and adds new enthusiasm and interest to casino gaming.
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G2E booth number: 3236


Shuffle Masteris proud to introduce several new specialty games at G2E this year with an emphasis on bringing more excitement and volatility to the game of blackjack. Free BetBlackjack with Push 22 Side Betlets a player double down and split for free. The game starts like a standard blackjack game: the player makes a bet against the dealer, and then the player and dealer each receive two cards. A player may split any pairs for free, except 4s and 10-value cards (10, J, Q, K, A). Free re-splitting is also allowed. A free double bet may be made on any hard 9, 10, or 11, regardless of the amount of cards the player has. Free doubling after splitting is allowed. If the dealer busts with a point total of 22, any bets left in play are pushes. The Push 22 side bet wins if the dealer busts with a point total of 22. Player blackjacks are paid before the dealer hits out their hand, so they are not affected by the Push 22 rule.
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G2E booth number: 1241


Gasser Chair Company, a leading manufacturer of seating solutions for international gaming, hospitality and entertainment venues, has introduced the gaming industry’s latest seating innovation-the patent pendingHalo Base. Featuring a stamped steel base encased in a special coating, the Halo Base adds improved functionality and excitement to the popular disc base design used in many casinos. Because of its unique design and powder coating process, it significantly reduces the force required to move a gaming stool on carpeted flooring. Therefore, a heavy stool that is typically awkward and difficult for a player to move can now be moved with ease. And, as an added benefit for the casino, the Halo Base design reduces abrasive wear and tear on carpeted floors that a traditional disc base creates.
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G2E booth number: 1817


BRAVO PitfromGenesis Gaming Solutionsis a complete table game management and player tracking system designed for more efficient player ratings and pit management utilizing electronic data collection. BRAVO Pit also enables casino management to handle multiple casinos and is compatible with any casino player-tracking program available. The on-table BRAVO Dealer Unit allows for easy data input including dealer login; player or guest check-in and check-out; player buy-in, chips-in, marker buy-in, and average bet. With the Pit Watch monitor program, the system also enables dealer tracking, supervisor tracking, marketing tracking, shift roll, table fill, table credit, table inventory and table rundown. Through Pit Watch, players are rated electronically and given credit for play immediately.
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MLP Seatingis expanding its offering of poker seating choices as part of its launch of their new “CHOICE” program. One of the “choices” is a sit down swivel poker chair. This chair has all the functionality of a slot stool but in a poker sit down seat height. Theswivel poker chairhas self-return HD swivel, removable seat pad, double flex brackets and four seat choices.
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G2E booth number: 3132


In the modern world, connectivity is the key.Real LinkfromDEQ Systemswill instantly bring table games to an efficiency and profitability never before achievable by traditionally non-linked table games. Why keep individual tables isolated on a single casino floor? Simply connect them to larger jackpots to drive players to the tables. In other words, Real Link will give casinos new and increased revenue opportunities streams without having to add more tables or personnel to the floor. Real Link is a secure wireless progressive jackpot management system that links and manages multiple casino locations to a single shared table game progressive jackpot that seamlessly integrates with DEQ’s G3 table game progressives.
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G2E booth number: 2017