You can tell which way the wind is blowing a lot of different ways. A credible product award contest is one of them

This is an industry that is working very hard to get closer to its customers. Products that foster an actionable understanding of players and that create more engagement between them and the games they play get the highest marks from operators. Business intelligence and interactivity are what come through repeatedly in this year’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product award winners. The products were selected from more than 60 submissions by the following three judges, and we would like to thank them for their diligence and the quality of their work:

• Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Resort;
• Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT LLC;
• Greg Solomon, chief executive officer, MotorCity Casino.

Platinum, gold and silver winners will be announced on the final day of this month’s Gaming Technology Summit, which will be held June 11-13 at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas, as well as an Attendees Choice award, which will be voted on at the show.

The Top 20, listed alphabetically by company, follows.

Axcess 22V

The Axcess 22V cabinet from ACS, the company formerly known as AC Coin & Slot, provides leading-edge video slot technology via a Windows-based engine which is content driven, offering a strong value proposition to slot operators as it does not rely on a server, but is fully encapsulated within the cabinet. It is powered by a multi-media flashcard that contains the game content software which allows for quick on floor conversions and the ability to quickly modify the slot floor game mix as the slot operator sees fit. This technology has the benefits of “server-based” gaming without being tied to a server.

The 22V is the first of five cabinet designs in the Axcess series, a robust, content-driven platform that speaks 27 different languages, offers 28 unique themes and allows for instant zone modification, easy game configuration and progressive capabilities. The cabinet is also ergonomically designed and comes with an enhanced LED lighting and sound package.

Judges saw Axcess as a sensible alternative to traditional server-based gaming. “The Axcess engine allows for cabinets to run multiple, quality games without being tied to a server,” said one. “As server-based gaming slowly continues to improve, the Axcess engine offers operators a different choice in how to offer more games on their floor.”

The platform’s openness received high marks from another judge. “The product’s best features are the utilization of mainstream hardware and operating system architecture. This should allow for other companies to develop content for this platform if ACS chooses to allow it.”

ACS’ ability to keep the content pipeline full is also seen as an important asset. “This concept has been tried many times before, and in each case was met with failure due to a lack of content that was appealing to the player. With ACS’s library of successful game themes, this platform has the potential to do well.”

-Aristocrat Technologies

Aristocrat’s nLive is a virtual casino solution that supports operators, taking a casino’s brand and putting it in an online space where customers can play on any mobile device and earn points. nLive launches in a play-for-fun-mode until regulation allows for real money gaming, giving players a wide range of games to choose from including poker, table games and Aristocrat slot content. The product drives increased foot traffic through extensive online marketing opportunities and captures real-time data on player behavior. It is compatible with PC-based Web browsers and selected mobile devices and uses an open platform with the ability to integrate third party gaming content.

The nLive virtual casino solution played a key role in the pre-opening strategy of Maryland Live! Casino, which launched a play-for-fun site ahead of the land-based casino’s opening. That site allowed the casino to communicate its brand to potential customers and build a database, ever before opening its physical doors.

Judges gave high marks to the overall capabilities and versatility of nLive.

“nLive is a must have for any pre-opening and a great brand extension for current live casinos,” said one judge. “The ability to gain a pre-opening database is huge. It allows the operator to communicate to patrons, reward patrons even before opening, and allows the operator to better understand their demographic so marketing dollars can be spent most effectively.”

“This system has the potential to be a good entry into the Internet gaming market, and is not tied to a particular system,” said another judge.

Access to content was a key selling point for one other judge. “The best features of this product include access to proven Aristocrat slot themes as well as being open to third party development.”

Amazon Fishing
-Aruze Gaming

Amazon Fishing is a six-seat communal game that offers players multiple bonus events, the option to choose their volatility, and Aruze’s Reel Feel gaming technology interaction. When players first sit down, they are presented the option of three types of bait to use. The game’s volatility adjusts depending on the type of bait the player selects. Large bait “encourages” larger fish to catch with less frequency and smaller bait allows for more frequent but smaller catches; both in individual bonuses and linked competition. The games payout remains the same but the players have different experiences.

The four communal games are Amazon Fishing Competition, Good Catch Competition, Massive Fishing Competition, and Big Game Competition. These games consist of competitions to catch the most fish, the largest fish, and the highest credit amount. Credits awarded are multiplied by the multiplier earned during base game play. Included in the variety of fish to catch are three massive jackpot fish with their credit award amount displayed. The largest fish, worth 100,000 credits, is a catfish too large to fit on one of the 60-inch monitors, and different portions of its body may be seen on all three monitors simultaneously as it swims through.

Judges gave high marks for this game overall. “Aruze has introduced a player selectable volatility level in which the player can intuitively understand what volatility means,” said one. “The use of the different size baits is a fantastic presentation of volatility.”

“Amazon Fishing creates a huge presence on the gaming floor and acts as an attraction,” said another. “It provides an experience that will be memorable for guests.”

The Rich Life
-Aruze Gaming

The Rich Life consists of two, five-reel 30-line video machines side-by-side that communicate with one another, offering players a head-to-head competitive bonus called Versus Event.

Above both machines is a 60-inch monitor that displays a large board game that indicates player movements. Players choose their character and proceed around the board game which involves many bonus features. A “Turning Point” allows players to choose their volatility by selecting a “Steady Road” for a low volatility experience or a “Bumpy Road” for high volatility. If the player reaches the end of the board game by landing on “Goal”, they are awarded with a wheel spin that consists of a variety of credit awards. Once the wheel stops, the corresponding award is credited to the player and the game returns to the start position.

The Versus Event contains a variety of bonus options that include multiple pick’em games and a chance for a jackpot. When the event is randomly triggered, the proceeding games for both players are interrupted and a bonus game is randomly selected. Players select unique symbols that allow for credit awards to be won by both players, while others give the award to a single player. The “Win the Jackpot” Versus Event gives both players a chance at a jackpot. The prize increases every time a coin symbol appears on the center line and the player who gets the jackpot symbol combination first, wins that prize. The game continues until either player wins the jackpot.

One judge called The Rich Life, “another solid product from Aruze.” Another called it, “a creative usage of a small community game implementation. The two-person communal game application has merit, and the graphics are appealing.” A third judge said, “the multiple bonus scenarios keep the game interesting and players wanting to discover new bonuses they may not have seen before.”

Bally Mobile Platform
-Bally Technologies

Bally’s Mobile Platform allows casinos to build their apps once, and then have that content displayed as native apps and a mobile Web site. Casino personnel can manage their entire mobile suite by logging on to the content management system through an application data management portal. The platform enables casino operators to create and easily update special content and offers, and immediately distribute the information to targeted potential customers. Operators may alert players 24 hours a day, seven days a week about special offers, whether the players are currently at the casino, at home, or even if they are just driving by the property. Operators can target content in countless ways, including a player’s age, player’s club card level, month of their birthday, or their proximity to the property.

The platform also allows operators to use one Content Management System (CMS) that makes sure the appropriate features and content are served up to the appropriate device to optimize the user’s experience. This custom-built CMS provides operators with the flexibility to manage when content goes live, when it expires, who can see it, and more. A single CMS can be used across all of a casino’s properties, allowing one manager to upload, edit, delete and organize the text, photo, audio and video content for each property’s app with one log-in. The data engine is a powerful analysis tool that tracks and catalogs everything users do-from where they are when they make a purchase, to what times of day see usage spikes, to what keywords people search for, to how they’re rating a game in the app.

Judges rated the product as user-friendly for casino and player alike and full of marketing potential. “The Bally Mobile Platform puts the casino in the player’s hand,” said one. “The sky is the limit for the operator to use the platform to increase brand recognition, marketing participation, and revenues.”

“I think Bally has hit a home run with this product,” said another. “Not only does it provide a great way to interact with your customer across many platforms, but it is agnostic in regards to slot systems. You can now choose a vendor based upon that vendor’s qualifications or capabilities, rather than your system vendor choosing what you can do and who you can do it with.”

Skee-Ball Slot Games
-Bally Technologies

Skee-Ball is another evolution of touch-and-slide interactivity, taking Bally’s U-Spin play mechanic to a more advanced level. Rather than just having a little cursor where the players interact, Skee-Ball lets players move the ball along the side, bounce it where they want to, try different levels of speed, all of which react in real time, making it as close to the world’s most popular arcade amusement game as possible.

The bonus round is 100 percent skill-based. The player “rolls” the nine balls, and those balls award “tickets” which are dispensed from the left of the main playing field. The higher the score, the more tickets the player wins. Those tickets are then used in the Pick-A-Prize Bonus, with five shelves holding “prizes” that the player selects to win credits. The underlying math conveys a strong feeling of difference between the different levels. On the one-level shelf, four numbers would be at the lower range, while one is significantly higher. In the five-level shelf, for example, all the numbers are higher and there is less of a differentiation between the highest high and the lowest lows.

Judges gave Bally high marks for Bally’s adaptation of a traditional arcade game to the modern slot environment.

“Bally has done a tremendous job in taking an arcade favorite and incorporating it into a slot experience,” said one. “Everyone has played Skee-Ball and knows how the game is played. Players will stick around to try and better their score from each bonus round.”

“The basic Skee-Ball theme having such a long run historically, combined with the touch screen interface for rolling the ball which is highly intuitive, should make for a very successful game,” said another. “It’s very simple in execution, easy to understand from the player’s perspective, and the game them has some of the longest legs in amusement history.”

Customer Preference Calculators

The Customer Preference Calculator enables users to analyze machine and player data to identify customers’ preferred games and what their preferred games are. The calculation is based on two key concepts; preference filters and preference restrictions.

A preference filter applies a filter to the data, be it by theme, location, hour of day, or by marketing program. Applying a filter to any of these helps to eliminate statistical “noise” and show the “true” preferences of customers. Users also have the ability to apply a percentage calculation to the filter that further highlights the “true” preferred play of customers, providing a greater insight into the customer’s behavior, aiding in the optimization of the gaming floor.

A preference restriction groups players based on the manner in which they select their gaming product. For instance, selecting all players who played on a given machine in a given month, and analyzing related behaviors, such as the percent of their total play on that machine. Preference restrictions enable gaming operators to truly understand player patterns and player preferences, something which is hidden deep in the detailed data. The true value of the Preference Calculators is that it puts the power of query into the hands of the users to enable them to ask relevant and meaningful preference questions to deliver business value. Results are presented using BIS2’s highly interactive and powerful Super Graphics that enable the customer preferences to be visually presented in an easy to understand and easy to use format.

“The BIS2 Customer Preference Calculators is a revolutionary way to look at player behavior which in turn will help make better product decisions,” said one judge. “Being able to look at a machine and see how many players give it a majority of their play is genius. For the first time ever, you can look at a game and see if the play is loyalty driven or retail driven.”

Another judge said the graphics package built on the company’s established record of success. “This appears to be another great tool from BIS2 with great visual data representations. They have always been ahead of curve in displaying data in visually compelling ways.”


tableVizPLUS brings an advanced analytical toolset to table game operations in order to optimize table game performance. It combines table games data analytics with customer data to allow table game operators to get an understanding of game performance and player patterns; see which table areas are working and which ones are not; identify over- and under-performing tables and table games and learn how location based analysis can be applied.

The product incorporates the following elements of BIS2’s Super Graphics package: Inspatial Super Graphic (an advanced data visualization of the gaming floor); Spatial Super Graphic (an outside geographic-based visualization); Temporal Super Graphic (time-based advanced data visualization); and Hierarchical Super Graphic (a hierarchy-based Tree Map visualization). Among its many analytical benefits, tableVizPLUS gives managers the ability to quickly identify underperforming table games, see immediate ROI from new table games opened or closed, and see how location affects performance.

One judge was struck by the quality of actionable information afforded by this product. “tableVizPLUS does something that no other analysis product has done before: It allows the operator to not only look at data with the traditional performance metrics but incorporates player data that will allow for better decision making.”

“This product provides great comprehensive data visualization,” said another. “Table games operators should include this product on their list of potential BI solutions.”

-Casino Data Imaging

GlobalSuite (GS) builds on Casino Data Imaging’s (CDI) CasinoCAD analysis solutions with a complete two- and three-dimensional graphical representation of the casino floor presented in an appealing and actionable manner. The platform is based upon the latest Microsoft technologies allowing interaction between each product component (dashboard, reports and graphics), giving users the ability to examine information from various perspectives simultaneously. The platform’s bandwidth enables it to tap applicable technologies and continuously evolve to meet user needs. The GS modules can also be adapted to existing reporting systems (i.e. Cognos, Teradata and more).

Speed gained by accessing aggregate data from cubes as opposed to querying transaction tables or executing stored procedures makes managing very large data stores in GS fast, easy and efficient. Historical trends over several years can be displayed within seconds. The product contains dynamic dashboards with a control panel that displays “at a glance” gaming performance information as well as the percentage of increase/decrease over the previous year’s performance. The initial dashboard panels display various daily, weekly, monthly and yearly trends that are date sensitive and tied to a slider bar which updates each panel display by changing the analysis date range. Users can drill down into various child dashboards to gain a more detailed understanding of which key indicators have had a measurable impact on game performance.

Judges saw GS as having multiple strengths. “The ability to see the slot floor in 3D really allows an operator to capture an element of analysis that is sometimes missing: the sense of feel,” said one. “It is much easier to visualize the areas and recapture the feeling of that area with a 3D representation. It’s not just all numbers and CDI captures that with GlobalSuite.”

“This product’s best features are its ease of use in linking an AutoCAD floor map to your slot system’s data, and its potential to offer a workable solution to multi-game, multi-denom reporting,” said another. “I think this will be a great product and takes an already solid, easy-to-use visualization product into the 21st century.”

G3: i3 Edition Wide Area Progressive System

The G3: i3 Edition Wide Area Progressive System is the latest generation of DEQ’s G3 progressive system. This new technology includes all the G3 features such as multiple credit betting, which increases coin-in on a high house-edge side bet without increasing labor costs, gives players more options and the possibility to win higherpayouts, multiple jackpots and random bonusing. The i3 edition also offers an innovative “intuitive response” function which enables the G3 to let the players know when to place their bet (player or dealer) by using very bright flashing colors. This feature also helps the dealer to know at a glance who bet or not. Once the lights stop flashing, it means no more bets and the dealer can proceed with the game. The i3 Unplugged Edition offers clients all the same functionalities as the wired version with the possibility to wirelessly connect several tables to a jackpot. This innovation is aimed at increasing revenue potential, reducing hardware and infrastructure cost.

New product features include Jackpot Lock, which allows the operator to quickly “lock” the jackpot value when a progressive jackpot is hit at the table. This ensures that the jackpot is reseeded and that all other tables can continue to play seamlessly while the win is verified and acknowledged by a manager. This also ensures that if two progressive prizes hit at the same period, the system will be forced to process them in the right order. The Multiple Reserves feature is a second reserve jackpot, which redirects reserve money if the first reserve reaches a predefined maximum trigger. Hence, the casino operators can manage the values of the “hidden jackpots” money and optimize the overall jackpot value to maximize effect on player play level.

Judges praised the i3’s potential for moving the table games category forward. “This product brings features that slot players have enjoyed for years to the table game player,” said one.

“The mystery bonusing features help give the table player a slot feel,” said another. “The wireless connectivity allows casinos to easily install i3 controllers on table in any part of the casino. Additionally, the i3 controllers begin to introduce table players to electronic wagering which is becoming a larger part of casino table games offerings.”

Las Vegas Casino Share Intelligence
-Diamond Stream/GCA

Las Vegas Casino Share Intelligence (CSI) is a four-in-one actionable business intelligence tool that enables Las Vegas directors of marketing, casino operators and player hosts to pinpoint the pockets of opportunity and at-risk areas with gamers across the entire country. Hosted on a secure online platform, decision makers have access to the data 24/7. Each casino can benchmark its performance with top gamers against a highly relevant competitor set. This competitor set consists of ‘peer’ casinos, other peer groups in Las Vegas, and regional properties. Each casino’s peer group is determined by casino location and quality-casinos can even specify which particular peer groups they would like to benchmark their performance against. The peer group self-adjusts to account for new competition.

CSI offers macro and micro views of a casino’s performance. The macro view, which consists of the first two dashboard pages, shows market share and total value data by state across the entire U.S. patron market, so a casino can assess its performance versus competitors in the aggregate, by state or zip code. The micro view, which consists of the remaining three dashboard pages, shows what the most valuable patrons are doing at a property, at other properties in a peer group and everywhere else. The data can be drilled down on all the way to the individual patron, enabling casinos to hone in on specific players that they want to entice to come to the property, to strengthen the relationship, or to prevent from defecting.

“Diamond Stream does a great job of taking raw data and putting it into a format that casino hosts and executives can easily understand,” said one judge. “The micro view really allows a property to look at its best players and see where else they are gaming. With this knowledge they can go directly to the guest with an offer that will help increase their share of wallet.”

Another judge saw broad potential for the product. “Although this product would be most advantageous to the Las Vegas market, it has applications for all U.S. markets,” he said. “Having better intelligence about what your customer is doing at other properties is huge.”

-Harvest Trends

HostMAPP provides management with the ability to measure the activity, productivity and potential of player development executives and casino hosts as well as track goals against actual results. It also allows player development executives and casino hosts to view their coded players, quickly pinpoint guests who will bring the greatest return, identify incliners and decliners, focus on the players with the highest potential, and manage their book of business, by using their desktop computer, tablet computer or smart phone.

Harvest Trends takes a unique approach to gathering and analyzing data by ingesting data that casino staff is already managing in multiple spreadsheets. Everything from ratings downloaded from a player tracking system, to ticket sales downloaded from a third party, to event data collected manually in MS Excel. Harvest Trends can ingest the data and tie the customer together across disparate source systems and across multiple properties into consistent dashboards no matter what systems are being utilized at a property. The business model is a monthly subscription, software as a service (SaaS), to state of the art Oracle software hosted on SAS 70 Type II Compliant servers in a secured data center. One judge said the best feature of HostMAPP is, “the integration to tablets and mobile devices, which gives the host the mobility to leave the desk and hit the casino floor.”

Another judge praised the product’s single-minded focus on quantifying the casino host function. “Due to the fact that many casino executive hosts are compensated by various bonus incentives, it is important to have legitimate, real-time tracking methods to insure that the casino hosts are actually driving new revenue,” he said. “This system is completely focused on the executive host’s performance. It provides the host the tools to do a better job at driving incremental frequency and theoretical, and it provides senior management a better way to gauge the host’s effectiveness. The fact that this is a hosted, SaaS-based system limits the operator’s up-front costs in implementation.”

BI Powerhouse

HCONN’s BI Powerhouse is an out-of-the-box business intelligence application that provides in-depth corporate performance management capabilities across business functions and organizations. The BI Powerhouse delivers a comprehensive and integrated analytical view of corporate performance from a variety of data sources. BIP Applications provide business intelligence capabilities across multiple functional areas with a complete set of pre-built key performance indicators, metrics, dashboards, reports and workflows. With access to the same data set at the same time, key decision makers have the capability to make smarter, faster and collective decisions that reduce costs, optimize resource utilization and increase productivity.

The applications support Microsoft Technology Stack which includes SQL Server “Enterprise,” SharePoint 2010 “Enterprise” and Microsoft Office 2010. BI Powerhouse adds value to Microsoft’s technology offering by giving executives the capability within weeks to have a dynamic approach to their data and make better and quicker decisions.

“The ‘plug and play’ of the Microsoft products could make it easier for operators to set up this BI tool as compared to other offerings,” said one judge.

Another judge gave BI Powerhouse high marks for clarity and ease-of-use. “Senior executives are drowning in a sea of data, with very few real-world products that deliver in the area of business intelligence ‘digital dashboards,’” he said. “This product would keep a senior executive informed in real time what he or she needs to know, in a single view.”

Infor10 CRM Enterprise Email Advisor

Infor10 CRM Email Advisor provides dynamic emails for truly personalized marketing. Email Advisor is the first email solution to have the ability to modify content on-the-fly on already sent emails upon opening by the guest. This means that if content is no longer relevant because an email was opened after the offer expired, the email will be “magically” transformed to contain fresh, highly-relevant content using the Email Advisor real-time tool. The content or message that is dynamically displayed is relevant because Email Advisor real-time predictive model engine selects which offer will have the most impact at the time the email is opened.

As an example, opening an email with a Valentines Couple’s Spa Day would not be relevant on February 15th. Email Advisor based on the casino’s active campaigns and knowledge of the recipient’s past activities may instead offer a Presidents Day 2:1 Dinner. Email Advisor operates in real-time to generate optimized content for each email, and even for each subsequent opening of an email (optional-depending on casino’s best practices), ensuring that guests will consistently see the information that is most likely to elicit a response. Email Advisor continuously learns from email interactions by automatically tracking click-through and acceptance rates. The self-learning engine then determines which guest attributes are most predictive of acceptance and automatically adjusts targeting for any future email campaigns to this guest or other “like” guests. Content with higher click-through rates is displayed more frequently, while unpopular content is shown less frequently.

“Infor 10 has created a game changer in the CRM field with Email Advisor,” said one judge. “Relevance is the key to any offer and having confidence that your players will never receive an expired, irrelevant offer should give any casino executive goose bumps.”

“This seems like a great product for large properties with advanced CRM and e-mail marketing capabilities,” said another judge. “This product has the potential to do for e-mail programs what the Player User Interface can do for server-based games.”

Big Buck Hunter Pro
-International Game Technology (IGT)

The first slot machine to feature new game play mechanics with arcade gun hardware, Big Buck Hunter Pro gives players the choice of hunting elk, whitetail deer or moose in a timed shooting bonus. If players choose not to participate in the shooting bonuses, they can opt out by choosing free spins. After any major bonus, players can earn bragging rights when they see their name displayed on a 24-hour leader board or an all-time national leader board with a list of hall of fame players. Player’s names will be displayed on the game to show a list of Hall of Fame players who have won the largest bonuses.

Featured on the state-of-the-art Center Stage Duo, with a 50-inch overhead LCD screen and two Universal Slant units, players are treated to video graphics of bighorn sheep in the high desert, large elk in grassy meadows and whitetail deer trekking through snow-covered mountains. In the shooting bonus round, players are awarded credits based on the amount of shots selected.

“The actual use of the arcade gun sets this game apart,” said one judge. “Anyone who can remember this game in the arcade will be immediately attracted to it. Also, the use of a High Score board give the player’s a sense of something to achieve which will help encourage repeat play; just as it did in the arcade.”

Another judge called the game “another home run for IGT. The game looks like fun and will surely entertain players.”

IGT Cloud
-International Game Technology (IGT)

The IGT Cloud is a casino management solution that empowers operators to optimize their operations and casino floors and provide seamless gaming experiences across land-based, mobile and online devices, without the infrastructure investments. This new service efficiently manages reporting functions and game configuration while delivering value to casino operators by utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS). Using private, secure services, the solution gives operators the ability to manage game content using floor management capabilities and have access to one of the largest game library in the industry. This is a significant benefit because it allows for casinos to deploy updated games to all machines on the floor, as well as customization at the touch of a button; more innovation with less maintenance.

The sbX analytics tool helps to increase marketing productivity and maximize floor-wide performance with a variety of reporting capabilities. Spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, the IGT Cloud Partner Program includes Gala Coral, Olympic Casinos, Evian Casino and Codere.

One judge cited the Cloud’s primary benefits as ease of use and the ability to use software as a service instead of on-site equipment.

“IGT has taken a current, widely accepted methodology in the IT world and brought it to the gaming industry faster than any preceding technology,” said another judge. “The ability to have a library of games that can be downloaded to a machine or server instead of the current EPROM approach is simply brilliant and a long time coming. In highly regulated jurisdictions where switching game content can be a nightmare, the IGT Cloud should be revered as a savior.”

-Multimedia Games

MoneyBall uses a proprietary mathematical technique to provide a level of meaningful player interaction not previously possible in non-skill based gaming. Known as a “Precision Launcher,” the game provides players with a level of perceived skill in what is truly a non-skill based game. The game is played with a fair physics engine, every ball bounce being true. With the right aim, the player can actually increase the chance of hitting bonus objects on the board. Nevertheless, the expected bonus return is ultimately the same regardless of player behavior. This provides players with high anticipation and excitement in receiving prizes, also adding variety to their bonus game play.

The MoneyBall Bonus is triggered when three MoneyBall symbols land on the reels. The player enters into the Precision Launcher component of the game and presses the button to shoot a ball in any direction he or she chooses along a 180-degree arch from an oscillating ball launcher at the top of the screen, thereby affecting the bonus outcome and prize win they will receive.

If the player is dissatisfied with the outcome of their first shot, the unique Precision Launcher feature allows them to alter their second and third outcome winnings by changing the direction of their shot. Traditional pinball-style bonus games didn’t allow beneficial interaction to affect the outcome of the bonus game; MoneyBall is the only slot to provide the player with the ability to control the release of the ball during bonus play.

One judge praised the concept of perceived skill embraced by MoneyBall. “The use of a pinball feature is traditional and people generally understand there is luck involved in how the ‘ball bounces,’” he said. “Thus the use of pinball masks the skill element and still allows the player to believe it is a skill game, when in reality it is not.”

Another said players will be attracted to the look and feel of the game. “The large top box LCD has good graphics and presents a compelling visual, beckoning players to give it a try.”

TYM –Table Games Yield Management
-Tangam Systems

TYM is a yield management tool for table games executives who are looking to gain more control, transparency and efficiency in game mix, table spread planning and table minimums management. TYM improves profitability by helping operators open the right tables at the right times, based on historical and predictive demand patterns; guiding floor staff on adjustments to betting minimums in real-time as player demand fluctuates to ensure appropriate player occupancies for each betting level and enhancing the quality of the player experience; and providing in-depth, on-demand reporting on table games performance, highlighting opportunities that have a significant impact on profitability.

In short, TYM empowers a casino operator to offer the right game at the right time with the right minimum to the right player, helping to ensure that the casino doesn’t leave money on the table or diminish the customer experience. TYM’s planning dashboards empower users with instant analytics and intuitive charts that display table spread historical demand patterns along with predictive modeling for the future spread and game mix; suggest tables staffing levels to meet table spread recommendations; and present recommendations for table minimum planning.

“Effective use of this tool could measurably improve table game revenues,” said one judge.

“The table minimum planning is a great feature, in particular for destination casinos,” said another. “Gathering past information, TYM can help a table game manager lay out a new strategy every day for table pricing.”

-TDN Money Systems

MIMO (money in/money out) was developed to eliminate the need for casinos to manually prepare and recapture starting and closing banks for their cashiers, slot attendants, bartenders and waitresses. MIMO issues the cash and coin at the beginning of the shift and recaptures it at the end, all automatically without the need for general cashiers, eliminating a very costly and time consuming task in casinos.

Operating three shifts per day and seven days per week, the time and expense of processing these banks manually can be overwhelming. TDN utilized existing hardware (currency dispenser/recyclers, coin hoppers, and high speed coin sorters) and created a unique software settlement package specifically designed for casinos. The end result was a new product that provides the casinos with a very quick ROI in these challenging economic times.

“This looks like a great product for large-scale operators who are looking for increased efficiency,” said one judge.

Another gave the product high marks for promoting accuracy and integrity. “Not only does MIMO distribute the opening bank, it also takes in the final cash tally of the day. There can be no disputing the amount of cash dropped since it is counted and placed safely within the machine.”

Aladdin & The Magic Quest
-WMS Gaming

Aladdin & The Magic Quest introduces the next-generation gaming experience from WMS, Sensory Immersion 2.0 including the industry-first motion system chair. One of the first games powered by the company’s newest operating system, CPU-NXT 3, this fully immersive gaming experience includes 3D graphics and sound along with a player-selectable motion experience programmed to perfectly align with in-game events. The motion chair also incorporates an updated and modernized ergonomic chair design.

This newest slot game also features the latest in WMS’ Experience Design elements, a fully interactive experience between the gaming cabinet and game content including emotive lighting packages as well as attractive visuals and surround-sound audio elements that enhance the immersive and powerful seat shaking audio experience. The Experience Design elements in Aladdin & The Magic Quest are taken a step further with the attractive top box design, which features a depiction of the genie that adapts and changes along with the game content. Aladdin & The Magic Quest is featured on the Bluebird xD gaming cabinet, which combines the comfort and sightlines of a slant-top with the convenience and footprint of an upright gaming machine.

One judge called the product “very innovative,” and said it “certainly deserves a chance on the casino floor.”

“WMS’ new Sensory Immersion gaming experience tingles all the senses as younger players who are maturing into casino gamers are looking a more complete experience,” said another judge. “And as brick and mortar casinos come ever closer to battling online gaming, the Sensory Immersion experience becomes even more valuable to operators.”