See who took home top honors inCasino Journal ’s annual Top 20 Most Innovative. 

Casino Journal Publisher Charles Anderer (left) and Derik Mooberry, VP of systems sales North America for Bally Technologies. Bally earned both the Platinum Award and the Attendee Choice Award for its iVIEW Display Manager.

The winners ofCasino Journal’s annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards contest were honored in Las Vegas last week during a luncheon at the Gaming Technology Summit.

Bally Technologies took the highest honors, earning both the Platinum Award and the Attendee Choice Award for its iVIEW Display Manager. International Game Technology (IGT) also earned two top awards, the Gold Award for its AVP Dynamic Game Menu and the Silver Award for its REELdepth product.

Plaques also were handed out to representatives from companies whose products earned a spot on the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards list. Also highlighting the luncheon, which took place May 21 during the summit at Green Valley Ranch hotel-casino, was the keynote speech given by Ramesh Srinivasan, executive vice president, systems division, Bally Technologies.

Bally's iVIEW Display Manager empowers casino operators to deliver content to players at the gaming machine in new ways.

With iVIEW Display Manager, marketing messages are not limited to just the iVIEW SmartScreen display. This intelligent controller allows casinos to present messages on the main game screen, the top game display, even the overhead display, with picture-in-picture capability.

With iVIEW Display Manager, gaming operators can present systems content on the display of most manufacturers’ gaming machines through the iVIEW processor rather than the game processor, which would require separate regulatory approvals and complex development and integration efforts. It is technologically innovative because it enables game and systems content on the same display – without interrupting game play. It allows operators to choose where on the game they want to present systems content – they are not limited to the player-interface device. 

Anderer and Korbi Carrison of IGT. IGT took home awards for its AVP Dynamic Game Menu and REELdepth product.

IGT’s AVP Dynamic Game Menu offers unsurpassed flexibility and the ability to switch from traditional three-, four- and five-reel slots to video slots or even video poker – all on one machine– with a touch of a button. Nothing else offers the patented combination of AVP and MLD technology with REELdepth 3-D games all in one package.

It allows the operator to install independent game packages of their choice to the AVP machine and have those games available for selection by the player via the AVP game menu. This feature, in conjunction with digital glass and dynamic buttons, significantly speeds conversions and more importantly allows operators to retain the game software investment on the previous game as both the existing game and the new game are available for play.

IGT’s REELdepth provides a three-dimensional spinning reel effect using Multi-Layer Display (MLD) technology. This provides ultimate flexibility to the operator, enabling games changes without the need to replace physical glass and reel strips.

Accomplished by a layering of two Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), the visual effect of depth perception is created without wearing 3-D glasses. Multi-Layer Display (MLD) technology, pioneered by PureDepth Inc., generates the look and feel of a true spinning reel game – without the need for mechanical reels.