Three products soared above their peers to capture top prizes in the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products 2010 contest.

Devices designed to integrate slots with online player experiences, have video gaming machines play like traditional spinning reels and streamline the IRS eFiling process for casino winners entranced judges and went on to nab the top three spots in this year’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products competition.

WMS Gaming earned the judge’s top spot, and a Platinum award, for its Player’s Life Web Services. Bally Technologies’ Code Red gaming machine received Gold medal recognition from the judges, in addition to landing the coveted Attendee Choice Award, in which Gaming Technology Summit participants vote for their favorite product from among the Top 20 winners. Resort Advantage took home the Silver Award for its Real-Time SSN/OFAC/DML Verification Integrated with IRS Forms eFiling.

These winning products were announced at a luncheon during the final day of the Gaming Technology Summit, presented by WhiteSand Gaming and BNP Media, also publishers ofCasino Journal. The luncheon, at Green Valley Ranch hotel-casino in Henderson, Nev., also honored all of the Top 20 award-winners.

Here’s a recap and description of the winning companies and products:

Player’s Life Web Services
– WMS Gaming

WMS’ Player’s Life Web Services, the natural extension of the company’s player-popular Adaptive Gaming platform, has enjoyed significant success in its initial rollout to casino floors, demonstrating that WMS’ player-centric focus continues to evolve the gaming industry. The product’s first implementation in The Lord of the Rings drew unique new logins that far outpaced initial sign-ups for the company’s earlier Adaptive Gaming products and WMS has found that many players creating logins on the Web Services platform are visiting a casino to play the game.

Player’s Life Web Services takes the Adaptive Gaming experience to a whole new level by offering a full suite of applications that can be used along with WMS’ content and system applications to enhance player engagement and create integrated online (Web-based) and offline (real-life) player experiences.

Judges were genuinely excited about Player’s Life Web Services and the extension of gaming activity to the Internet.

The judges also gave three other WMS products Top 20 recognition: Experience Design, the company’s new approach to cabinet and game design; Metascreen, update of WMS’ Community Gaming foundational technology platform; and the WAGE-NET Portal Application Suite, which allows operators to mix and match WMS’ portfolio of video and mechanical reel base games with secondary integrated bonus applications.

Code Red
– Bally Technologies

Bally Technologies’ Code Red is a highly innovative, fully integrated gaming machine featuring a first-of-its-kind 20-inch “curved” LCD display. Code Red looks, feels, and plays like a traditional reel spinning slot – but is really a video. It uses Bally’s proprietary ALPHA 2 game electronics housed in the Pro Series Upright V22/22 cabinet, and offers a number of interactive features currently only seen in video games.

Code Red also features Bally’s award-winning U-Spin gesture-control play mechanic to award free games, progressive jackpots, or bonus credits.

The cabinet itself features a number of cutting-edge technologies in addition to the curved LCD--fully integrated Digital Topper and Super Candle, iDeck touch-screen button deck, a custom four-speaker 24-bit sound package, LED cabinet lighting, touch-screen reel glass, and a shared single entry/exit for currency and tickets which makes it easy to access and service key cabinet components.

Judges were over the moon about this product. “Bally has taken the evolution of stepper even one ‘step’ further with the Code Red product,” said one judge.

Bally also received Top 20 award recognition for three other products-a chip-recognition product that provides casino operators with the ability to identify the value of chips being wagered on gaming tables; its iDeck interactive touch-screen button deck; and Service Tracking Manager, a browser-based dispatch system that enhances customer care by guaranteeing the nearest attendant responds to various guest requests.

Real-Time SSN/OFAC/DML Verification Integrated with IRS Forms eFiling
– Resort Advantage

Resort Advantage’s Real-Time SSN/OFAC/DML Verification Integrated with IRS Forms eFiling gives the property cage and floor staff the ability to instantly and automatically verify a patron’s key regulatory forms processing data elements in real-time prior to generating IRS forms. This can help ensure that e-filings will be as accurate as possible prior to the patron leaving the property. This product results in the virtual elimination of end-of-year B-Notices and potential fines for incorrect or incomplete forms submission.

In addition to providing immediate awareness of patron ID issues, any of which could have suspicious activity and/or security/surveillance ramifications, this innovation also dramatically reduces back-of-house staff time in preparing and managing IRS forms since all validation is performed at the point of form creation.

Judges were excited about the prospects for such a tool to help them streamline handling of tax compliance requirements.

Another Resort Advantage device also nabbed Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products acknowledgement. The Slots Jackpot Accelerator provides gaming properties with a single, quick and simple tool that front-ends all of the related business process regulatory requirements for completing a slot jackpot payout.