Highest ranked winners in Casino Journal's Top 20 Most Innovative Casino Technology Products of 2009 awards




ALPHA Elite Cash Spin with U-Spin and Interactive Reels

- Bally Technologies

The Platinum and Silver awards for Bally Technologies’ ALPHA Elite Cash Spin with U-Spin and Interactive Reels represent the latest of industry accolades the product has received.

 “We knew Cash Spin was special from the moment we saw the first prototype, and since its launch in April we have not been disappointed,” Gavin Isaacs, Bally chief operating officer, said in a news release. “We have been installing Cash Spin nationwide at a pace that exceeds Hot Shot Progressive, which until Cash Spin had been our most successful game. And Cash Spin is delivering outstanding performance for gaming operators, attaining more than three times house average.”

Cash Spin, part of Bally’s SpinNation series of wheel-spinning games, is a groundbreaking gaming device that features proprietary U-Spin gesture-control technology that enables players to spin a virtual wheel on the game’s display just as if it were an actual physical spinning wheel. The game, on Bally’s successful ALPHA Elite V32 slot platform, also features Bally’s Interactive Reels, allowing the game to be played both as a video and as a reel-spinner at the same time.

Contest judges were particularly taken by the product’s interactive U-Spin technology.

 “Gamblers want to feel as if they control their destiny and the interactivity of the U-Spin features gives them the perception of greater control in the results of their bonus round,” one judge commented.

“Gamblers want to feel as if they control their destiny and the interactivity of the U-Spin features gives them the perception of greater control in the results of their bonus round,” one judge commented.

“This product would appeal to players and should be placed on casino floors,” he said, while noting “its longevity will be determined by the math of the primary game.”

Another judge said he was impressed with the product after seeing it at G2E and noted the timeless appeal of the wheel. “Slot players simply like the wheel. Something so simple is so profitable.” The judge said he “can’t wait to get the 10 I ordered on my floor.”

Another judge said the Alpha Elite platform “looks like the shape of things to come in downloadable games. A form factor that could be used for offering many types of games on the same box.”

Bally also landed two other products on the Top 20 list. They are Bally Business Intelligence, an advanced application to allow gaming operators to analyze and visualize the extensive data gathered throughout their business enterprise, and Bally Command Center, a server application that allows casino operators to view, examine, and manage their floor configuration from a central location.




Perfect Pay on Smart Baccarat Table Network

- Walker Digital Gaming

Walker Digital Gaming scored the Gold award with its Perfect Pay on its Smart Baccarat Table Network.

With this technology, baccarat on Walker Digital Gaming’s Smart Table Network with Perfect Pay looks and plays like a traditional triple-live baccarat game with live chips, live cards and a live dealer.

The company has integrated RFID technology, a card-reading shoe and proprietary Core Game Technology to create the first networked baccarat platform that dramatically reduces previously uncontrollable casino expenses.

RFID technology and Walker Digital’s Core Game Technology work together to eliminate losses due to dealer mispays; eliminate losses from wagers made with counterfeit chips; increase game speed; exactly assess player value and avoid over-comping with accurate player ratings; save time and labor with automated table ratings; provide detailed reporting on game speed, bet mix, table occupancy, turnover, theoretical win, actual win and player betting patterns; and provide intelligence to maximize dealer performance; optimize floor revenue and create powerful insights for targeted marketing.

Judges praised this product for its problem-solving potential.

 “This product would resolve many of the problems casinos currently deal with regarding very high-end baccarat play,” one judge said. “This product automates many of the functions of administering baccarat play, but does so in a manner that would not be intrusive to the serious high-end customer.” Another judge noted the product would “work well in high-volume baccarat markets where the clientele prefers to handle the chips.”

The judge also said he liked the combination of accurate real-time bet recognition and optical card reader. “Together they allow for complete tracking of game play.”

Walker Digital Gaming also has another product that placed on the top 20 list. Its Elite Baccarat, which is designed to add excitement to traditional baccarat play with new bets and play options after the first four cards have been turned, also earned a spot.