Non-slot equipment suppliers look to capture a little attention at G2E

Ask the average attendee at the month’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E), which will be held from October 3-6 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, why they walk the event’s massive trade show floor, and most would likely answer to see the latest wares and technology from slot manufacturers and suppliers. Make no mistake…the G2E show floor has been and primarily remains a slot and gaming machine showcase. (For more information on G2E, visit

But G2E also attracts a growing number of non-slot suppliers and manufacturers; companies that create and market everything from new table game products to security systems, mobile computing applications to uniforms. Here’s our preview of some of the G2E purveyors with product likely to steal attention from the latest slot bells and whistles:


The newJacquard Striped ShirtfromCintas Corporationgives casinos a stylish, environmentally-friendly way to “up their game.” Like other garments within Cintas’ EcoGeneration collection, the shirt is created using an innovative plastic-to-fiber process: Plastic bottles are diverted from landfills and transformed into recycled polyester fibers, which are then woven into wearable fabrics. Each Jacquard Striped Shirt created uses approximately five recycled plastic bottles, reducing landfill waste and providing a sustainable alternative to traditional cotton and polyester apparel.

Available in men’s, misses’ and women’s sizes, the shirt features moisture-control fabric for maximum dryness, comfort and wrinkle resistance, as well as a narrow collar and adjustable cuffs for a modern fit. Offered in six colors-paprika, wine, black, cobalt, Caribbean blue and curry-the shirt is designed for home laundering, eliminating the need for expensive dry cleaning and the use of potentially caustic chemicals used in the dry cleaning process.

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E-Seekproducts allow users to take the power of mobile computing applications directly to the customer. The Vantage Mobile Player Manager solution combines custom integrated software with portable ID card reader and handheld PC. The E-SeekM310is a wireless Windows CE 6.0-based computer that makes player signups quick and easy; simply insert a players’ driver’s license in the reader to start the signup process. Vantage software takes it from there. A pre-printed guest card can be swiped to complete the transaction. This mobile PC application allows employees to take customer service and convention to the next level, with virtually no data entry errors due to the system’s automated account creation feature. Turn-Key solutions can be deployed and installed in a few hours requiring only existing wireless network connectivity. The embedded Windows CE 6.0 functionality provides a powerful mobile operation system with support for many of the leading business software products.

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WIN CARDSare handheld plastic cards with easy-to-use dials that help beginners learn the basics of how to play the games of blackjack, craps and roulette. Created and produced by Lake Tahoe, Nev.-basedGaming International, WIN CARDS are sold through the casino’s players club and/or cage, and come packed in a brochure that offers simplified instructions on how to play the live table games. Facilities can use the cards to boost player club membership by offering customers who purchase WIN CARDS through the club special, non-negotiable chips that they must play on the live games. Gaming International also offers a customization program that allows clients to print logos, pictures and other support material on the brochure and on the front of the card.

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At this year’s G2E,Gaming Partners Internationalwill showcase thePortable Chip Reader; an innovative tool that gives casinos greater flexibility in authenticating and validating RFID-enabled gaming chips. By enabling casino staff to quickly and accurately read, authenticate and count their currency from any location at any time, this reader extends RFID protection from the cage or chip bank to the table, the pit podium or even to back-of-house counting areas.

Utilizing the latest RFID high-frequency technologies, GPI’s Portable Chip Reader combines the latest Magellan MARS 24 reader with a two-dimensional antenna that can read RFID chips in mass, in stacks or in racks. Encased in a sleek, portable case that includes a chip-reading surface that can be customized with the casino’s individual logo, the reader is able to quickly authenticate individual RFID chips and chip stacks that contains up to 20 chips. It can also quickly authenticate chips that are still in their trays and all validation information is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display that shows both the number of pieces being authenticated as well as the total value amount. Its high-speed reading capabilities make it possible to read up to 400 chips per second while simultaneously identifying whether the chips are authentic, valid casino currency. This key advantage makes it possible for casino staff to easily identify and remove foreign, non-casino chips.

The Portable Chip Reader is also designed for ease-of-use and reliability, featuring a durable design that makes it easy to transport throughout the casino and a universal power supply that works with any voltage.

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Morse Watchmans’ newKeyWatcher Touchis a powerful enterprise-level key control and management system with a 7-inch touchscreen on the front panel. Innovative new features include the time-saving KeyAnywhere capability that allows the return of a key to any KeyWatcher Touch system within the enterprise. Also new is the FindKey feature that quickly enables users to locate which KeyWatcher Touch a specific key is in, or determine who has it out.

Other convenient features include access via an optical fingerprint reader or card reader interface (complete with alarm and access control integration capability), as well as an easy to use interface with large buttons that offers step by step instructions. Keys available to a user can easily and quickly be called up on the screen. “Find Key” and “My Keys Out” are additional new features that provide users with the location of a specific SmartKey, and information about SmartKeys that have not been returned and when they will become overdue. Key reservations and notes can now easily be entered at the KeyWatcher Touch screen.

The unified “KeyWatcher Site” design allows a network of KeyWatcher Touch systems to share a single database, which can accommodate more than 14,000 keys and 10,000 users. All control and management of the system, including programming, remote functions and reporting is done utilizing the all new KeyWatcher TrueTouch software.

The KeyWatcher Touch is designed around the latest in technology, with USB connectivity, built in Ethernet, audio output jack and a full color display.

Booth number: 2531
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NEWavehas a wide range of progressive solutions that have been proven to increase the bottom lines of more than 200 casino operators across the United States. Now at G2E 2011, NEWave is unveiling its newest progressive product:myCloudSolutions, a new way to deliver its product suites that enables casinos to store their information in the internet Cloud thereby streamlining operations and increasing efficiencies.

NEWave’s myCloudSolutions combines the power of NEWave’s solutions with benefits that come from Cloud-based storage and retrieval, namely, the ability to safely store key data offsite, centrally share data from various locations, and anywhere/anytime access to that information via a secure log-in.

NEWave selected some of its most popular software as well as integrated Web services to critical banking and regulatory compliance tools for its myCloudSolutions suite, including:

• Check Prove, a check-cashing database that enables the cage to pull essential data from the Cloud and data from a pool of other subscribers.

• eDeposit enables electronic depositing of check images directly into bank accounts for increased efficiency and security.

• Document Manager for safe, encrypted storage of documents and e-deposits, if required.

• Tax Forms, which streamlines completion by aggregating disbursements and automatically populating forms.

• eFile Gaming Tax Form, which empowers casinos to electronically file IRS tax forms.

• TINCheck, for verification of a wide range of patron information.

• Gaming Watch List with OFAC, which delivers real-time information and notifications, checking against known terrorists and other information indicating that patrons could be on watch lists.

• ID Manager for quick verification of age, expiration, and banned/state-issued data. The Cloud assures data is up-to-the-minute accurate.

• Easy Marketing stores analyzed and encrypted data for generation of tailored marketing campaigns. NEWave devises the messaging, develops the creative, and launches the communications, and all results are trackable from the Cloud.

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Reno, Nev.-based promotions and prize insurance providerOdds On Promotionshas releasedZoom Ball Deluxe, an upgraded version of its very popular Zoom Ball machine, a patented ball blower that gives casino players the chance to win up to six unique insured and self-insured prizes, with just a push of a button. Insurable up to $ million, Zoom Ball Deluxe features a programmable printer for producing prize or drawing coupons, a telescoping LED sign, matching 3-sided magnetic or vinyl decorative base wraps and a customizable backlit sign. Zoom Ball Deluxe measures 24-inches x24-inches x93-inches, plugs into any standard electrical outlet and comes with a 22-inch x28-inch sign featuring your prize structure.

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Rymax Marketing Servicesallows gaming customers to experience music exactly the way the artist wants you to.Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High-Definition Headphonesare precision-engineered to reveal the full sound of today’s digital music including the most sonically demanding rock, hip hop and R&B. With advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and active noise canceling, Beats delivers all the power, clarity, and deep bass today’s top artists and producers want you to hear.

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SCA GamingintroducesMegaDraw, a lottery style promotion designed to run anytime and anywhere in the casino, with prizes up to $5 million. MegaDraw comes complete with game sets, integrated kiosks and the ball draw. Premier advantage players swipe their player club cards at the MegaMillions kiosk. Players get the option of a quick pick or they may choose to select their own five numbers. The kiosk produces a receipt with the numbers selected. Casino staff conducts the ball draw and if the five numbers selected match the player’s numbers, the player wins $5 million. Secondary prizes can be awarded if players match four, three or even two balls.

SCA’s MegaDraw promotion offers gaming operators the flexibility to run multiple drawings per day, throughout the month or longer if desired. Customized prize structures are offered to fit casino budgets.

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Game chips are one of the casino’s most handled assets by customers and employees alike. Is your property taking the right steps to protect its employees and players against upcoming Influenza season and other widespread contaminants?Surf City Gaminghas createdThe Wave Workstationwhich combines a fully portable chip cleaning system with non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning process to deliver a fully integrated chip cleaning solution. The Wave Workstation is based on Ultra-Sonic cleaning technology which utilizes our specifically designed Tidal Wave cleaning concentrate. The Wave is designed to fit within a customer’s existing facilities as well as being fully portable, faster, and more cost-efficient than any other chip-cleaning machine on the market. The system is also backed by Surf City Gaming’s deep knowledge of the gaming industry’s needs and demands to provide our customers with a truly custom solution for their commercial chip cleaning needs. The Wave Workstation enables customers to achieve longevity to their chips, image to their business and cost savings to their bottom line with the confidence that it meets their stringent sanitation and hygiene standards. Customers using the system are lowering their total cost of operation and improving the safety of their workers and players.

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Want to treat one of your loyal customers to a free night of bingo or let your players reserve their favorite gaming device? Well, now you can with the latest version ofOMNI, Video King’s revolutionary bingo hall management system. OMNI’s ever-expanding functionality now includes both gift certificates and reservations. These modules were developed with input of the industry’s leading bingo hall managers and are designed to not only boost your sales, but also increase player satisfaction.

OMNI sets the standard as the industry leader in terms of functionality, reliability, control and accountability, but what truly keeps your employees happy is the ease of use. Fully customizable to fit the exact needs of your hall, OMNI is configured in accordance with the regulatory requirements of your specific jurisdiction. MICS-compatible for tribal bingo, OMNI’s modules range from easy-to-use cashiering screens with integrated bingo handset downloading to sophisticated data management and reporting, allowing you to see the bottom line simply and efficiently.

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Gaming Dynamics’ introduces its unique brand of versatile proprietary wagering entertainment attaching independent randomside bet decision devicesto classic casino games. Adding dice, card or ball applications inject all new wagering and strategy options to table or machine base games. The side bets are designed to stimulate consistent volume wagering activity and produce enhanced odds payoffs. Two or three dice models can be used, 52 card standard deck or custom cards can be employed with the spinning card shuffler as well as printed images on balls with the blower system.

All three offer simple optional or mandatory minimum initial side bets depending on game rules, [HI or LO] for dice and numbers, [Red or Black] ranked and suited decisions for cards. What sets this product apart from any other side bet is the novel house offer of an optional “Raise” after the primary game decision and before any payoff is made. This counter balanced hedge bet allow players to exercise the “Raise” option by increasing their original side bet against a win, attempt to recoup a loss or stand pat.

Once “Raises” are placed the dice shake, cards spin or the balls blow, each side bet device delivers an entertaining decision with an action signature all its own. Odds payoffs are attached to featured side bet decisions; all other wins pay even money. Primary wagers and side bets are settled and the next game begins; it’s fast, easy and exciting.

The addition of these all new double action table game variations can shake up a stale pit and be the impact product you’ve been looking for. Various titles, pay tables, and configurations as well as custom branding for layouts and signage are offered. The devices are GLI certified.

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