If security and guest safety are Job No. 1, the technology of surveillance is mission-critical

Honeywell Security Systems’ new MaxPro video management system at work.

Trends among the new surveillance products scheduled to be displayed this year point toward improved image-capture and the continuing evolution from analog to digital to high-definition systems. And these improved images with their greater detail, from facial features to the serial numbers on banknotes, can now be compressed so more visual data can be moved over casino networks and stored in recording devices.

Here are some of the exciting new technologies debuting at the show:


Biometrica Systems is unveiling Version 6.0 of its Facial Recognition Software.

Incorporating the best technology used in systems employed by government and airports, this next-generation solution will enable casinos to better control who enters and plays on their premises. And it is designed to be even more user-friendly than earlier systems.

Using Version 6.0’s Live Recognition program, casino security personnel can direct surveillance cameras to capture human images and then search existing data bases to see if they are people the casino would like to keep out. The program can quickly scan the suspected person to see if they match any of 4,000 or so people in the data base, and in only a fraction of the time it would take to conduct a search manually, which makes it especially effective at spotting self-excluded players, among its many valuable uses.

For Biometrica, facial recognition doesn’t stop at the doors and the teller cages. Also new at G2E 2009 will be the company’s Remote Access application. Once crooks or cheaters are identified entering the casino this technology immediately sends a photo and pertinent data on the miscreant to all the mobile phones of security personnel. Images also can be sent to PCs in the pit and to iPhones.

Bosch’s VIDOS can be upgraded to H.264 compression.


Bosch Security Systems will be showing its VIPX1600 encoder, its iSCSI RAID storage arrays, its AutoDome Modular Camera System and its VIDOS video management software, which uses the Bosch Video Recording Manager.

The VIPX1600 XF module features the latest H.264 compression technology, which allows for more efficient compression, reducing the amount of storage needed while also producing better image quality. The VIPX1600 does this by simultaneously sending two video streams. One utilizes the H.264 Baseline profile for low-transmission latency and excellent image quality, making it ideal for viewing live video and controlling pan, tilt and zoom cameras. The second stream takes advantage of the H.264 Main profile, which has more latency but provides superior compression and outstanding image quality - the perfect solution for recording. Both streams are sent in 4CIF resolution in real-time, 30fps frame rates. Recording is done by the Bosch-NetApp iSCSI network storage arrays, which feature a RAID6 option referred to as RAID DP, which protects against the possibility of double drive failures.

AutoDome is a camera system that is built on a series of interchangeable modules: CPU, camera, housing, communications and power supply. To switch from fixed to PTZ, color to day/night, analog to IP, etc., just switch out the module and insert a new one.

Also, both VIDOS and VRM can be upgraded to feature H.264 compression. This allows customers with medium-sized and large video systems to have faster access to video through improvements in the setup process, start time performance and system flexibility.

VRM also features Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR), where video is buffered on the Bosch encoder’s local storage system during a network outage. When the network is restored, ANR fills in the gaps on the centralized iSCSI RAIDs with the saved video.

Honeywell’s versatile People Counter enables casinos to accurately track pedestrian flow in and out of the property and analyze the resulting data to determine if spikes occur in conjunction with specific marketing promotions.


Among the new products to be displayed this year by Honeywell Security Systems is the MaxPro VMS video management system, which simplifies security by helping personnel control video subsystems dispersed across several properties and by enabling analog and digital systems to seamlessly work together.

This versatile system is ideal for high-profile facilities that require the use of both digital and analog technologies. The platform can tie together previously disparate video systems, allowing operators to manage video feeds from a single location using customizable views.

Integrated with Honeywell’s intelligent video analytics technology, the Integrated Data Manager (IDM) allows casino managers to pull human-traffic trending information. For example, by analyzing traffic during a specific time period, users can determine if certain spikes in traffic at the table games corresponds with promotions for shows within a casino on certain days. Conversely, if managers can see that a promotion didn’t increase human traffic during certain hours they know the promotion failed in the grand scheme of that casino’s business. Additionally, analytics data can be integrated through IDM with information generated from, for example, slot machines. By recording the number of slot machine pulls during a given hour, managers can compare that number against data generated by the system’s People Counter to determine if customers are spending more time playing the slots as opposed to visiting other areas of the casino.

The People Counter, which also will be shown, enables casinos to accurately track the flow of traffic in and out of their doors and analyze the resulting data to determine if spikes occur in conjunction with specific marketing promotions. Using a series of complex algorithms, People Counter determines the number of people entering and exiting a specific area.


Three new products for the casino market from iView Systems will have their first showing at G2E 2009.

These will include the iDVR Acquire module, which plugs directly into the media interface of iView’s iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management System to enable media captures via the Intellex Digital Video Management System for daily logs, incident reports, subjects and more. In addition to its ability to interface with any digital recording system, the iDVR delivers a complete, expandable, real-time digital video recording and play-back solution to provide better analysis of incidents and subjects while delivering more accurate occurrence statistics and better analysis of risk trends. The iDVR also enables casinos to direct specific videos into an incident file for quick reference and use as evidence in legal proceedings if necessary.

iView’s iLPR Intelligent License Plate Recognition platform enables identification of known vehicles in high-traffic environments. Using intelligent optical character recognition, iLPR accurately reads plates from virtually any country, state or province. When a known vehicle enters or exits a parking facility the system generates automatic alerts via iTrak, allowing the casino to review the vehicle and potential owners so VIP customers can be greeted and treated appropriately on arrival. The iLPR also increases the effectiveness of self-exclusion programs and trespass management while enhancing the safety and security of any risk-managed environment.

Then there is the iKiosk solution, which provides the same license plate recognition service as iLPR, only at the front doors. An employee scans the license plate of every vehicle coming into the porte cochere, enabling the property to greet its good customers and exclude undesirables.


NICE Systems will show its NiceVision eXpress IP Video surveillance system for small and mid-size hotels, resorts and casinos - an “entry to enterprise” solution, as it is known, designed to provide the best of all worlds by being both easy and cost-effective to implement, yet fully upgradeable to enterprise-class capabilities through the PSA Security Network.

NiceVision eXpress is designed for organizations that need to monitor, record and manage video surveillance networks for smaller operations in a cost-efficient manner while leveraging the core technology of NICE’s enterprise-class NiceVision solution. NiceVision eXpress supports IP, megapixel, analog and hybrid environments, enabling a seamless upgrade path and investment protection, allowing organizations to expand their capacity and capabilities as their needs grow.

Available either as a software-only or as a turn-key solution that can be hosted on a single server, eXpress integrates with third-party access-control systems and other security systems and is compatible with NICE’s established line of world-class NVRs, DVRs and encoders.

The HD Series from Sanyo Security Products - nine new high-definition, full-frame-rate cameras with up to four-megapixel resolution and six times the detail of standard-definition and analog formats.


An innovative line of high-definition surveillance cameras and video recoding systems for critical security monitoring will take center stage at Sanyo Security Products Group’s exhibit.

The HD Series will include nine new high-definition, full-frame-rate cameras that capture crisp and clear video images with up to four-megapixel resolution. The images captured by these cameras provide six times the detail experienced with systems using standard-definition or analog formats.

Applications include not only monitoring portals, where the improved capture of facial details helps improve security, but also at cash cages where cheating can be stopped and mistakes corrected through the capture of bank note serial numbers (and even details on customers’ hands, such as jewelry or tattoos).

This new line includes three compact box cameras (all with CS mount lenses, focus-assist drive and a camera-motion noise-reduction system) offered in two day/night versions and one color version.

Three new vandal-resistant dome cameras with varifocal lens from 3-9mm are available in indoor and weather-resistant outdoor versions.

The Model VCC-HD4600 zoom camera has 16-times picture enlargement capability and can send images for storage into either an SD memory card or HDD recording system. Two PTZ cameras likewise have 16-times enlargement and can send images directly into a computer hard drive for storage.

Also on display will be the dual-camera Xacti HD-Pro and Optimum IP-Pro video recording engines, which help manage image and network processing separately for bandwidth optimization. Offering HD64 compression, these systems can move and store substantially more image data than earlier systems and with improved clarity.