GLI will be at Southern Gaming Summit offering a multifaceted look at its services and products, with representatives on hand to discuss the myriad benefits that come from independent testing for all types of devices and systems for casinos, and for lottery and bingo operations as well.

The company will be helping attendees learn more about GLI’s suite of exclusive tools that help both regulators and suppliers do business faster and better than ever.

These include GLIAccess, the back end of GLI’s Web site, where regulators and suppliers can easily track submissions, certifications, revocations and more. GLIVerify 5.0 is a hand-held tool regulators use in the field to quickly and easily verify that the devices in use in are the same as were certified in the lab. GLILink allows suppliers to remotely test devices against systems for interoperability, saving time, money and paperwork. And Point Click Transfer allows suppliers to quickly and easily transfer previously certified products to jurisdictions around the world with a click of a mouse, speeding time to market.