SCA Gaming has combined leading technology with over 70 years of shared promotion experience to develop the PrizePro Series™, the most innovative full-service promotional platform on the gaming market today. With PrizePro Series™, SCA delivers high-impact promotions that provide return-on-investment (ROI) for casinos and unique entertainment experiences for players.

“ The PrizePro Series™ was developed by SCA to offer casino operators promotion solutions with cutting-edge system integration using functionality combined with unmatched flexibility,” said Autumn Gregg, director of gaming at SCA. “PrizePro can act as a promotional prize delivery system as well as function as the player tracking/loyalty system point of entry for guests. Customized structures vary in size from small portable models to free standing game platforms that include multiple HD screens and separate launch podiums.”

“With the PrizePro Series ™, gaming operators can choose from desk top units known as PrizePro17, all the way to PrizePro642, the platform that runs our very popular MegaSlot promotion,” added Linda Gordon, director of marketing for SCA. “MegaSlot is comprised of six seamless 42-inch plasma screens making one contiguous screen nearly 12 feet wide. It is a five reel slot machine with five pay lines and 16 different symbols. It is not hard to see why the impact of MegaSlot has been so positive.”

PrizePro comes in a wide variety of platforms including:

PrizePro3.1 - A game platform that is made up of one 65-inch HD screen and three 46-inch LCD screens combine to display flash animated images that run concurrent and independent game cycles.

PrizePro19 - Fully functional and displaying two 19-inch screens that can run independently, the PrizePro19 model is 6 feet high and is supported by a 3-foot base.

PrizePro65 - In choosing PrizePro65, casinos get the benefit of a big impact game on a smaller footprint. SCA’s Fishin’ For A Fortune promotion made its debut on the PrizePro65, utilizing a customized game podium that included a roller ball mouse system to hook winning fish.

The PrizePro Series™ includes innovations in employing external actuators, an adaptation not found in most kiosk systems. Game designs such as Million Dollar Mission, introduced on the PrizePro42 platform, include an external actuator that starts the game by having the contestant step on to the launch pad.

Swipe 2 Win™, available on all PrizePro platforms, gives casino guests the ability to swipe their player cards for a chance to win life-changing prizes of up to $1 million or more on fast, easy-to-use self-service systems. SCA offers gaming operators risk-free prize coverage with promotions that are designed to drive table game and slot play as well increase the effectiveness of player acquisition and retention efforts. “These benefits are made possible with our exclusive DrawServer™ technology, which provides outcomes that are auditable, digitally secure and cannot be influenced,” explained Bill Rump, SCA’s product development manager. “The PrizePro system integrates with all major player tracking systems, providing maximum flexibility to award prizes based on numerous criteria such as daily points, ADT, pit play and many others.”

PrizePro Series™ supports Collect And Win, SCA’s new prize award process that is customized for each player. When a qualified player swipes his player card at the kiosk, the system delivers the screen appropriate for that player, such as a game card that requires the player to collect pieces to win. Each time the player returns to the kiosk, the system remembers where the player was on his game card and returns him there to resume play. A casino in Southern California recently ran a Collect and Win promotion on a PrizePro system that resulted in a response rate that was six times greater than expected.

One of the many challenges facing casinos today is how to facilitate drawings on the casino floor. Gaming operators have come to realize the effectiveness of virtual drawings verses the giant drawing drum with thousands of tickets that require a commitment to staff and is often inconvenient for the player. SCA’s virtual draw system, v-Draw, available on all PrizePro platforms, instantly awards electronic drawing tickets based on casino play from qualified casino guests. Electronic tickets can be awarded based on earned slot and/or pit points, average daily theoretical and many other play thresholds designated by the casino. v-Draw can accommodate multiple drawings on one screen.

v-Spin, SCA’s newest innovation in promotion technology uses three 42-inch vertical touch screens and runs animation at 720 pixels resolution over three screens. “That’s 2,100 pixels across and 1,280 pixels high, an advancement that is simply not offered by any gaming promotion company other than SCA,” said Rump.

In the past 15 years SCA Gaming has successfully deployed 3,000 promotions and continues to provide marketing and promotion solutions for more than 370 casino clients worldwide. SCA has covered in excess of $700 million and paid over $70 million in cash and prizes. For more information on the company and its products, please visit