Ainsworth's World of Jackpots

Ainsworth Game Technology’s World of JackpotsTM, is the first ever jackpot superstore, mix and match your progressive games! Showcased on the stunning new Super A560TM cabinet, this innovative new technology combines extraordinary player entertainment with ultimate operator flexibility. World of JackpotsTM is the future of linked progressives!

World of JackpotsTM it is the first of its kind in the industry, not only offering different game titles, but more excitingly, offering players many different overall jackpot themes to choose from, bringing jackpot marketing to an entirely new level.

This wonderfully dynamic jackpot environment comes to life through the all-new Super A560TM cabinet. Three large LCD screens support game play, progressive levels and a host of themed graphics. The third screen acts as a jackpot screen display, removing the need for dedicated signage for a particular brand! The additional third screen is not only distinctive looking to the player with its programmable LED lighting and unique shape, it provides dynamic signage allowing operators a simple, inexpensive and quick way to constantly refresh entire jackpot themes.

The extensive World of JackpotsTM product library provides super-store quantities of linked progressive-centric brands, initially launching with the themes; Players ParadiseTM, Lights Camera ActionTM, Rio Grande RapidsTM, Jackpot ZoneTM, and Rapid StrikeTM. And this is just the beginning! Each jackpot brand includes multiple unique game titles across a mix of max-bet and non-max bet, symbol-driven, progressive penny math models with wide range of line configurations. With many more new progressive brands due for release in 2011, the product mix possibilities are endless!

Ainsworth’s Group General Manager Strategy & Development, Scott Clarebrough said,“Ainsworth has been building for the future and now we’re ready to unleash the all new World of Jackpots with dazzling new progressive jackpot themes and unique game titles. The future is World of Jackpots”

Unique player presentation, ultimate flexibility for the operator, brings to you an un-beatable combination for success. The future of linked progressives begins now with World of JackpotsTM from Ainsworth.

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