E-Seek handheld computers and ID readers streamline certain casino processes.

Distributing backroom processing to the casino floor is now more easily obtainable with new handheld PC solutions, thanks in part to Wi-Fi connections allow instant communications between the network and floor personnel.

Taking advantage of these technology trends, E-Seek Incorporated of San Diego, Calif., has introduced a new portable handheld computer and ID Reader that extends the backroom processing to the gaming floor. The E-Seek Model 310 portable computer provides a platform for software developers to create unique applications to expand the power of the network to the floor.

For example, Vantage Business Systems of Mays Landing, N.J., has developed multiple applications to take advantage of the technology and expand customer service and convenience to the next level. Vantage software will allow your customer service staff to issue new players cards on the casino floor in just a few seconds. Simply insert the players’ driver license in the reader to start the process. The software will tie the license data to a pre-printed guest card that is swiped to the complete the signup process. In addition to issuing players cards, age verification is also accomplished by simply reading the drivers license anywhere on the floor. At a recent opening of a Pennsylvania casino, thousands of players were issued players cards while waiting for the doors to open.

Chris Capone of Vantage Systems said their “Mobility Player Manager” also provides pin resets, player lookup, promos and offers, event check-in, and comp issues. Customized software solutions are also offered by Vantage.

The E-Seek Model 310

Adept Consulting Services of Landsdale, Pa., also offers a unique solution on the E-Seek Model 310. Their Slot Dispatch System (SDS) is a powerful business process re-engineering tool to streamline slow machine alert dispatch and management processes. It improves efficiency throughout the process from dispatching, monitoring, and managing of alerts. This tool also provides a great insight into the productivity of your resources. SDS enables you to gain a competitive edge through efficient processes and quick access to information for faster decision making.

SDS interfaces with casino gaming systems to capture ongoing alerts on an automatic real-time basis. These alerts are then automatically queued and dispatched to user handhelds based on defined criteria. SDS works with any browser enabled handheld device, including iPod touch and the E-Seek M-31 0.

The Dashboard feature allows the manager to monitor the status of alerts and staff activity on the entire casino floor. It provides a real-time view of all alerts and assigned staff in each zone. The manager also has access to the floor activity screen where he can view the list of users logged in, along with their signed-in profiles and productivity details. This screen also enables the manager to assign and reassign users to different locations based on the current work load.

SDS provides management with business intelligence as it relates to performance data for each individual user, group and zone, through a number of pre-defined reports. From these reports, management can make informed decisions on staffing requirements, training needs and equipment troubleshooting.

This article was reported and written by E-Seek Incorporated. For more information on the company and its products, please visit www.e-seek.com.