Elektroncek’s Organic Island 06 player stations in black - red design were recently installed in Casino Volcano in Podgorica, the largest city in Montenegro. Casino Volcano is owned by company Vezuv d.o.o., one of the operators, which is known after its innovations in terms of new gaming solutions.

One of the newest and most attractive among the Elektroncek machines, the G4 Organic Island is a premium gaming product with all the advantages of the latest generation of technology. The Organic Island generators offer unlimited options both in terms of the number and type of games as well as in the possible layout formations for player satisfaction and to maximize the potential of any floor space. Organic Island is the most feature rich multi-game, multi-player product available in the world.

“Elektroncek’s Organic Island 06 is one of the most sophisticated products, which recently entered our market and we strongly believe in its revolutionary bloom also on this market,” said Zarko Mitrovic, chief executive officer and owner of Vezuv d.o.o.

Primoz Bohinc, regional sales manager at Elektroncek, noted, “The desire of our long time business partner, company Vezuv from Montenegro is to provide their customers with even greater range of games in their venues. The need for such products indicates a proper business strategy of our company Elektroncek. The Multigame concept allows the operators to offer a large range of games in their arcades, which were previously reserved only for the casinos, due to legal restrictions.”