Electroncek managed to turn a traditional game into a modern masterpiece, says general manager

Organic Roulette with 10 player stations in black-blue design was recently installed in Oracle Casino, the city of Qawra, situated in the fashionable and nightlife district of Bugibba on Malta’s northern coast.

Oracle Casino is owned by company Tumas Gaming Ltd, a subsidiary of the Tumas Group. The Oracle casino is interconnected with one of the top four-star hotels in the region, the floor is constantly updated, creating a modern environment with the latest technology.

G4 Organic products exceed the development of electronic gaming machines and are made with great enthusiasm and care for detail. It combines the future and the technological apex of the present.

The Organic Roulette is a fully automatic version and in the game players may choose to place bets on a single number and their neighbors or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, dozens, columns and simple bets. They could play on two layouts: table view or wheel view and use normal or fast betting. Players could also switch between showing or non-showing possible winnings.

“With the introduction of the Organic Roulette we added a new dimension to the slots park. Electroncek managed to turn a traditional game into a modern masterpiece,” said Patrick Demanuele, general manager, Oracle Casino.

“Customers like the modern feel and the betting flexibility, on the other hand as operators we appreciate the added benefits and security offered with the multidenomination and scheduled betting limits.”