Rye Park Gaming, a leader in custom digital layouts, casino gaming tables and equipment, this week unveiled its newest innovation , the Quick-Change Top Technology at FADJA 2011.

The product allows a casino to change a table game layout and player inserts in less than 60 seconds. With Rye Park’s exclusive Quick-Change Top Technology, a casino can quickly and easily change the look of a game or change the entire game, all under a minute.

“Our new Quick-Change Top Technology empowers a casino to customize their casino to the changes in player demographics,” said Randy Ying, president of Rye Park Gaming. “Every casino’s customer base changes throughout the day – sometime the base is driven by offers, sometimes by the types of games available. Now with our Quick-Change Top Technology, casinos can completely tailor the gaming experience, so if the night crowd wants more blackjack tables, the casino can give them more blackjack tables, all in under a minute.”

In addition, Rye Park showcased its exclusive 2011 Stock Layout Collection. The 2011 collection features 12 new professionally created, impeccable designs, including holiday, seasonal, sporting events, party pit and daily use designs. The entire 2011 stock layout collection can be configured for any table game, enabling a casino to create a complete look across the casino or to theme certain areas.

For more information, visit www.ryeparkgaming.com