Guests visiting Fantasy Springs Resort Casino near Palm Springs will see and be able to experience the first California installation of the newest multiplayer gaming systems from Interblock, the casino announced this week.

Fantasy Springs seeks to bring the latest and most popular games and gaming technology to its gaming floor on a consistent basis. “We are thrilled about the new Interblock and their technology. It’s so different from anything that’s out there on most every casino floor right now,” said Lou Crescenzo, vice president of casino operations at Fantasy Springs in Indio, Calif. “Veteran players love it because of its mechanized components and new players enjoy it because of the interactivity and video components.”

One unit offers 16 players the chance to sit down in ergonomic seating featuring foot rests and try their hand at craps or roulette. Players may choose whichever game they like. At the 16-seat unit, players see the large, glass enclosed roulette wheel, as well as another glass enclosed platform containing dice at the opposite end. Electro-mechanics cause the wheel to spin and the dice to be thrown under their glass domes. Each player has an individual and easy to read LED game screen in front of him or her, and can also refer to the oversized rectangular LED panels that stand up in the middle of the console. Guests also have a choice of denomination they wish to play, Guests also have a choice of denomination they wish to play, plus they can choose from a wide range of available languages they want to be displayed on the game screen.

The second gaming console offers seven gaming stations and features an electro-mechanical card generator for blackjack. It was recently awarded a “most innovative product” at the London ICE Show. This unit also features a glass enclosure under which the mechanism is able to deal up to eight decks of cards, while at the same time, shuffling another eight decks of cards. In addition to individual LED game displays in front of each player, the blackjack game also features a dual-sided, oversized community display LED monitor allowing players to effortlessly track game results. Players may also choose their denomination to bet, as well as their own display language.

These two games are in Interblock’s Generation 4 “Organic Series.” Although the multiplayer gaming units display sleek red and black colors in a modern design, the company prides itself on its use of environmentally friendly resources. It reuses materials to build new prototypes and machines that go out to customers, and they build all their machines themselves so they have a firm handle on all of the substances and equipment used to make their state of the art gaming consoles. “The fact that they are a self-sustaining green company also helps us get behind giving them our business at Fantasy Springs,” Crescenzo said.

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino also recently installed Mystery Card Roulette. The game features a regulation-sized betting table. The shuffler has cards inserted into slots where numbers would otherwise be. The dealer spins the shuffler and wherever it lands, the card in that space dictates the winnings on the table.