ATRONIC International has launched ts SPHINX WAP (wide area progressive) across casinos in three cities in Greece. The SPHINX WAP marks the debut of a national progressive jackpot in Greece.

The SPHINX WAP was developed by ATRONIC for the Vivere Entertainment Group, which is the first operator in Greece offering this brand-new multisite gaming experience to its players. Since Dec.22, players at the casinos in Corfu, Xanthi and Rio can enjoy the excitement of playing for a major jackpot that is being generated simultaneously across all three sites.

Mounir Al Baboul, general manager of Casino Rio and slot director of Vivere Entertainment Group, said players reacted very positively to the new jackpot concept even prior to its launch, thanks to an extensive promotional campaign accompanying the jackpot introduction. “Highlight of the campaign was the festive WAP launch celebration that took place in all three casinos simultaneously. Once the jackpot started running, players immediately began playing the new games. Since then, excitement has even built further as the jackpot hit already twice at the casinos in Xanthi and Rio (72,949.50€ & 55,766.32€ respectively) shortly after its go-live,“ he said.

The SPHINX WAP, presented on 50 e² machines across the three casinos, offers players the chance to win a life-altering jackpot in addition to an entertaining base game featuring the highly successful SPHINX theme and various bonuses. To maximize the value of the new games, the company has also provided customized signage and a media package tailored to the casinos‘ needs.

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