More than 267 casinos across North America use Aristocrat Technologies’ Oasis 360 system – more than any system from any supplier. Now Oasis 360 users have a powerful new tool in their toolbox: nVision, an incredibly robust business intelligence tool that gives the most complete player profile available.

nVision is a new business intelligence tool with interactive dashboards and advanced reporting that exposes the true value of the casino patron. Aristocrat recently installed the nVision business intelligence solution for an in-depth beta test at the Club Fortune Casino in Henderson, Nev.

Immediately upon installation, Club Fortune management was greatly impressed. “Our marketing strategy is going to be much more precise with the addition of nVision, we can learn more about our player every day, due to the immediate return of reporting,” said Club Fortune COO Jay Fennel. “nVision will allow us to really drill down the performance of our bonusing, which is powered by Oasis 360’s Speedmedia Administrator module.”

Regarding the nVision development process, Aristocrat VP of System Sales and Marketing Kelly Shaw said, “We partnered with one of the world’s leaders in business intelligence. They provide BI solutions to nearly all of the world’s top retailers and big financial institutions, and we built their expertise into Oasis 360,” said Kelly Shaw, Aristocrat vice president of System Sales and Marketing.. The result is a truly exciting and powerful tool that enables our customers to make the most of their data and give their players the best experience possible.”

nVision provides easy dashboard navigation, KPI displays from across the property and insights into both current and historical data. Advanced reporting will provide performance data on any metric in the data warehouse. Because nVision is part of the casino’s Oasis 360 system, there is no need to rely on third-party vendors for the additional data.

“Immediately upon installation, nVision gave us the opportunity to mesh slot performance data with marketing data, without using third-party programmers. That is key for our casino,” Fennel said.

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