NEWave, known in the casino gaming industry for creating software that automates financial processes and ensures regulatory compliance, has come up with a new solution that streamlines the auditing process.

By streamlining the process, NEWave’s Audit Findings (Exceptions) software helps eliminate paperwork and reduce associated labor and materials costs.

“Our clients came to us with a problem. They were buried under mountains of paperwork and running up high materials and labor costs auditing their exceptions. We thoroughly analyzed the process, and created the Audit Findings software to help,” said Tom Bechtel, NEWave chief operating officer. “With Audit Findings, casinos can immediately free their accounting staff from the spreadsheets, filing and copying associated with auditing.”

NEWave’s Audit Findings software electronically tracks all audit findings and automatically sends second and third notices, saving time and effort in tracking and filing. Additionally, final notices can be automatically sent to directors and/or CFOs. “Because our leadership team comes from the casino world, we understand that every CEO and CFO in every casino in North America is concerned about the bottom line. Audit Findings will immediately add to the bottom line, saving the casino thousands of dollars annually,” Bechtel said.

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