Introduced in 2002, CASHFLOW SC has established a leadership position in its core markets

West Chester, Pa.-based MEI produced its one millionth CASHFLOW SC bill acceptor in late August at its production facility in Querétaro, Mexico.

The accomplishment is a testament to how quickly CASHFLOW SC, which was introduced in August 2002, has established a leadership position in its core markets, the company said.

“This accomplishment is a reflection of our customers’ loyalty and success,” said Mike Hayes, MEI CEO. “CASHFLOW SC was designed to generate additional revenue by increasing the end-user experience. We were pleased to find increased acceptance rates, unrivalled security, best jam performance and the lowest cost of ownership resonated with customers across numerous segments.”

Today, slot machines, smart safes, self-checkout terminals and kiosks around the world rely on CASHFLOW SC to maximize revenue. The value created by CASHFLOW SC continues to grow as the product line evolves to become more integrated into cash management solutions. In the past eight years, several enhancements have made the product increasingly flexible for a number of applications:

EASITRAX Soft Count expands the reach of CASHFLOW SC from the slot floor all the way to the soft count room. The integrated software/hardware solution places performance and accounting data into a database that can be networked to multiple locations – creating newfound efficiencies in cash drop processes worldwide.

CASHFLOW BNF (bunch note feeder) allows retailers to place a bundle of up to 30 notes into CASHFLOW SC. Users are free to handle other tasks instead of feeding individual notes, leading to improved productivity and security.

Multiple cashbox options allow customers to choose the right solution based on note volume: CASHFLOW SCM (up to 900 notes), CASHFLOW SCL (up to 1,200 notes) and, soon-to-be-released CASHFLOW SCXL (up to 2,200 notes) provide a range of options depending on application needs.

“CASHFLOW SC has raised expectations for automated payments systems,” said Tom Nugent, president of the company’s Gaming and Retail division. “It is much more than a component that fits into a slot machine, self-checkout terminal, safe or kiosk.

CASHFLOW SC has become a means to build encompassing processes that have resulted in newfound efficiencies managing information, cash and security.”

The expansion of capabilities associated with CASHFLOW SC continues. Recently, MEI announced the features of the next generation product that is targeted for release in 2011.

“Our next generation product leverages the technology developed since 2002, feedback from customers and the knowledge we gained from producing one million CASHFLOW SC units,” Nugent said. “We are committed to make a great product even better. Ascending to a leadership position has only intensified our desire to design and produce products that make our customers more profitable.”

Achieving the production milestone with CASHFLOW SC is one of series of recent achievements for MEI. MEI also celebrated the production of its three millionth Series 2000 bill validator and one millionth CASHFLOW 7000 coin manager in the Vending industry.

“This is a very exciting year for MEI,” Hayes said. “Cumulatively, these accomplishments speak volumes about our commitment to instill a high level of quality in all of our products. It not only bodes well for those customers that have specified MEI products, but also our ability to develop new solutions for automated payment systems given our focus on continuous innovation.”