Side wagers available on table games linked to the Magic Progressive or Wild Dynasty Progressive

Players at Barona Resort & Casino can now “win without winning” with the new Bad Hand Bonus, the San Diego area casino announced this week.

When playing at one of the table games that are linked to either the Magic Progressive or Wild Dynasty Progressive, players can place side wagers and win when either the dealer or the player receives great cards or even a “bad” hand.

With the G3 Progressive Jackpot and Bonusing System, developed by DEQ Systems Corp., Barona players are enjoying the Magic Progressive, which connects various popular table games in the casino including Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Mississippi Stud, Three Card Poker and Four Card Poker games.

In addition, players are flocking to DEQ’s patented Wild Dynasty Progressive, which links multiple EZ Pai Gow poker table games. The G3 features random bonusing, multiple credit betting, random generated prizes and other cutting-edge technology.

“The popularity of these games speaks for itself,” said Mike Patterson, vice president of table games. “Our progressives are exciting because when you link several games together, the jackpot rapidly escalates. When you combine that with the player’s ability to win with both good and ‘bad’ cards at any time, you have the perfect recipe for fun.”

Both progressives feature frequent paybacks and unique “magic card” bonuses, which allow players to win regardless of the outcome of the hands. Additionally, players receive 250 to 1 payouts when either the dealer or player receives a “bad” hand, which consists of drawing the lowest possible cards without drawing a straight.

Additional winning outcomes for guests placing side wagers while playing the Magic Progressive include drawing a straight flush, four-of-a-kind, full house, flush, straight or magic card. If the Magic Progressive wagered hand is a royal flush, the player wins the entire progressive jackpot.

Other Wild Dynasty Progressive side wager winning hands include five-of-a-kind, royal flush, straight flush, four-of-a-kind and magic card. If the Wild Dynasty Progressive wagered hand is five aces, the player also wins the entire progressive jackpot.