Casinos and gaming companies across the country have joined with the American Gaming Association (AGA) and the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to responsible play during Responsible Gaming Education Week.

The theme for the 13th annual event, being held through Friday, is “Taking the Mystery Out of the Machine.” During the week, participating casinos have been working to educate employees and the public about how slot machines and other casino games work because understanding the odds of casino games is a key component of responsible gaming.

To help educate gaming employees, the AGA has developed employee education activities for RGEW focusing not only on how slot machines work and correcting some of the misconceptions about them, but also on the many other aspects of responsible gaming that are an integral part of gaming operations.

“Responsible gaming is embedded in the culture of gaming companies and something to which everyone is committed -- from CEOs to valets to blackjack dealers and beyond, but this week is an opportunity to renew our focus on this important issue,” said Frank Fahrenkopf, president and CEO of the AGA.

In conjunction with RGEW 2010, the AGA is releasing a new brochure, “Taking the Mystery Out of the Machine: A Guide to Understanding Slot Machines,” that provides gaming employees and patrons with digestible information about how slots are operated, developed and regulated. The resource is being widely distributed at casinos nationwide this week and will be available at many properties year-round as part of casinos’ standard responsible gaming resources. The brochure can be downloaded from the AGA website

“Casino patrons consistently say that slot machines are their favorite game, but most people know very little about how slots are developed or how they work,” Fahrenkopf said. “This new resource will go a long way toward addressing this knowledge gap and correcting the most widely held misconceptions about gaming machines.”